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Recap: Majin Buu and the magician Babidi are heading to the Western Capitol in an effort to destroy it to lure out Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten. Bulma: "Son-kun, we can't let the Western Capitol get destroyed. That'll destroy the Dragon Radar as well." Goku: "Trunks, you fly to the Western Capitol and get the Dragon Radar. I'll delay Majin Buu and the magician Babidi." Trunks: "Will you be okay? Can you stop them? Won't they just kill you?" Goku: "I'll be okay. Just hurry to the Western Capitol before they get there. -- Yo. -- Here I go! -- This is the Super Saiya-jin that surpasses the Super Saiya-jin. And this is..." In order to stop the magician Babidi, Goku has transformed into a Super Saiya-jin 3 that far surpasses the Super Saiya-jin form.

Japanese Episode 246
Bye Bye Babidi!! Majin Buu Rebels

As Majin Buu and Super Saiya-jin 3 Goku fight each other in a barrage of punches, the people in the city beneath them, and probably in the world, watch in awe. At Kami-sama's palace, everyone cheers on Goku and Piccolo is astounded at the level of power that the Super Saiya-jin Level 3 is capable of. Goku kicks Majin Buu in the stomach, who holds onto Goku's leg. Majin Buu then follows up by growing in size, sucking Goku into him in an attempt to crush him to death. At Kami-sama's palace, Piccolo tells everyone that Goku will be okay, knowing that Goku would never let himself get killed in that manner. Back at the fight, Goku powers up and manages to break free of Majin Buu. As Trunks and Dr. Briefs continue their search for the Dragon Radar, Goku senses that Trunks still hasn't found it and leads Majin Buu away from the close-by city. After Goku dodges Majin Buu so many times and kicks him in the face, Majin Buu gets angry and vanishes. As Goku wonders where he went, Majin Buu appears in front of him, headbutting Goku backwards. While everyone at Kami-sama's palace is watching the battle, Bulma realizes why Trunks hasn't found the Dragon Radar yet, remembering that she left it in the plane after they collected all of the Dragon Balls. Videl provides them with a phone to use and Bulma calls her home. Meanwhile, the battle between Goku and Majin Buu continues as Goku is hit by a blast from Majin Buu and escapes. On Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Kaio-sama says aloud for Goku to finish the fight fast because the longer he stays in that form, the less time he'll have on the earth. At the Briefs' house, Mrs. Briefs answers the phone and Bulma eventually succeeds in passing the information on to Trunks. As Trunks tries to remember where the plane could be, Dr. Briefs brings him the capsule case where he believes it's located. Meanwhile, Majin Buu launches his arms at Goku, who dodges and kicks him. Majin Buu grabs Goku with his hands as he flies backwards, and is pulled back at Goku, hitting him. Goku then fires a blast at Majin Buu, which goes right through him. Majin Buu falls backwards, heals, and fires a kamehameha at Goku, who deflects it back at him. Majin Buu deflects it at Babidi, who gets out of the way, and the city adjacent to where the battle is taken place is destroyed, angering Goku. At Kaioshin's planet, Gohan comments on how incredible the battle is. Kaioshin tells Gohan that Goku might have a little bit of trouble defeating Majin Buu, so he needs to master the Zed Sword in case Goku loses. Back on Earth, Babidi yells at Majin Buu and Goku tells Majin Buu that he's a great fighter, being able to master the Kamehameha so quickly. At the Capsule Corp building, Dr. Briefs gets out the plane capsule and uses it. Trunks looks inside of the plane, finds the Dragon Radar, and heads back to Kami-sama's palace. After Goku feels Trunks's ki moving away from the Western Capitol, he realizes his job is done and turns back to normal. Majin Buu asks Goku why he turned back to normal and tells him that the fight was fun. Goku tells him that he enjoyed it too, but has to leave now. Babidi tells him that he's not going to get away and tells Majin Buu to kill him. He then tells Majin Buu that after he kills him, they'll go to the Western Capitol to kill everyone so that Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks will come out of hiding. Goku tells Babidi that in two days, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks will come to fight them and tells him to not do harm to anyone until then. Babidi tells him that waiting that long would just want them to kill more and Goku says that that's too bad, because Majin Buu would've enjoyed the fight. Majin Buu asks Goku if they're strong and Goku tells him that they are. Goku then tells Babidi that when he goes to hell, he'll make sure Enma Dai-o has a special punishment for him and teleports back to Kami-sama's palace. Babidi yells at Majin Buu for letting Goku get away, insulting him. Majin Buu floats with his back to him for a while and then turns around, telling him that he just came up with a good idea. Babidi tells him to hurry up and tell him and then to go find where Goku went. Majin Buu then grabs Babidi by his neck, strangling him, and tells him that now he isn't able to say the spell that will imprison him. He then punches Babidi's head, which smashes it into pieces.

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