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Recap: Goku became a Super Saiya-jin 3 in order to delay the magician Babidi and Majin Buu from destroying the Western Capitol. Goku: "Trunks's ki hasn't started to move yet. What are you doing Trunks? -- There's no helping it. I'll have to delay them some more." Trunks: "I found it!" Mrs. Briefs: "That's good! Why don't you stay for a snack?" Trunks: "I told you, I don't have time for that! Bye, I'm in a rush!" Goku: "Trunks has started to move. He must've found the Dragon Radar and should be heading back. Alright, my job here is done. -- Farewell!" Babidi: "You let him get away! It's because you wasted time you fat cow!" Majin Buu: "I learned a lot from you. I don't need you any more! I can't stand you any more! -- Die, you fool!"

Japanese Episode 247
Incredibly Ugly?! The Special Transformation Training

After Majin Buu punches Babidi's head off, he uses an energy blast to blow away his body. As Majin Buu happily rejoices that Babidi's gone, Goku senses Babidi's death and informs Piccolo, Kuririn, Goten, and Bulma. Piccolo then wonders if the Majin will calm down since there's no one to give him orders any more. Goku hopes that such a possibility comes true, as he thinks back to when he told Majin Buu to wait to kill people until Goten and Trunks were done training. Majin Buu is then shown flying very quickly, looking for a place to destroy. Soon after, he spots a city and hovers above it. As people begin to notice his presence, Majin Buu inhales as much air as he can and blows it out, causing major damage to the city. He does this a few times and then lands in the city. Buu then runs quickly through a bunch of people and buildings. When he comes to a stop, he sees a girl screaming for him to not kill her. Buu asks her if she finds him handsome and she fearfully agrees. When he tries to get her to kiss him, she screams. He then realizes that she lied to her and sees a guy in a magazine. When he realizes that such a person must be what earth girls like, he molds his face to look like the guy. He then tries to get her to kiss him again and she screams while kicking at him. Angry, Majin Buu turns her into a caramel and eats it. He then decides that he's unable to wait for someone powerful to fight, deciding to kill all of the people on earth for fun instead. At Kami-sama's palace, Kuririn, Piccolo, and Goku watch in horror at what Buu has done. Goku then reveals to them that he probably has less than an hour on the earth, due to his transformation that's only supposed to be done in the afterlife. Just then, Urunai Baba (Kame Sen'nin's sister, the "fortune teller") floats down, telling Goku that he actually only has 30 minutes left on the earth. Elsewhere, on Kaioshin's planet, Gohan continues to train with the Zed Sword. When Kaioshin offers Gohan a break he declines, believing that he's not ready for one since he needs to catch up to his father's level of power. At Kami-sama's palace, as Goten and Kuririn spar, Piccolo asks Goku if he would've been able to beat Majin Buu in his Super Saiya-jin 3 form. Goku replies that he probably would've lost, due to Majin Buu's unbelievable power. Piccolo then asks him why he didn't go all out and Goku answers that he believes someone who's alive should solve the problem, since he doesn't belong on the Earth. He then goes on to explain that they never know when another powerful villain will show up on the earth and when he first saw the genius of Goten and Trunks, he believed in them. When Piccolo tells Goku to give his regards to Gohan in the after-life, Goku tells him that he thinks the thing Gohan'll miss the most about being dead is him [Piccolo]. Just then, Trunks shows up with the Dragon Radar. Over time, Goku notices that both Goten and Trunks pay a lot more attention and respect to Goku, after having seen how powerful he is. Goku then begins their fusion training by having them get their ki's at equal levels. As this is happening, Majin Buu attacks and destroys a military helicopter. Back at Kami-sama's palace, Goten and Trunks finish equalizing their ki. Goku then shows them the fusion pose, which turns out to look very weird and difficult to do.

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