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Recap: In order to defeat the incredibly strong adversary, Majin Buu, Goku is teaching Goten and Trunks the fusion technique. Meanwhile, the magician Babidi and Majin Buu are... Babidi: "I just got some unexpected news. It looks like one of the three I'm looking for, Trunks, lives in the Capsule Corporation building in the Western Capitol. I'm going to check that out now... You better show yourself soon because the city you live in is about to disappear." Bulma: "Son-kun, we don't want him to destroy the Western Capitol. We'll lose the dragon radars." Goku: "Okay, Trunks hurry home and bring back the dragon radars. I'll delay Majin Buu. -- Yo." Majin Buu: "I'll kill him. He looks like a good guy, so I hate him." Will Goku be able to keep Majin Buu away from the Western Capitol? Goku: "Do you want to see a form that surpasses the form that surpassed the Super Saiya-jin?"

Japanese Episode 245
Oh, What a Surprise!! Super Saiyajin 3

Babidi asks Goku what the heck he's talking about and tells Majin Buu to hurry up and kill him so that they can go to the Western Capitol. Goku thinks to himself that Majin Buu may look like a weakling, but not even Vegeta was able to do anything against him. He decides he must do all he can to buy Trunks enough time to get the dragon radar. As everyone watches what's going on by closing their eyes, Bulma asks Piccolo if Trunks has arrived at the Western Capitol yet and Piccolo says that he's still on his way. Goku senses that Trunks's ki is no longer moving and hopes that Trunks hurries up so that he doesn't have to take on "that form". Knowing that Trunks must be watching him by closing his eyes, Goku yells for him to hurry up. Trunks consents, turns Super Saiya-jin, and continues his flight to the Capsule Corp. building. Babidi and Majin Buu turn around, wondering who Goku was talking to and Goku tells them that it's nothing. Babidi tells Goku that whatever he's planning to do is useless and Goku tells him that they'll see about that. Goku then thinks to himself that he can't help what he has to do in order to give Trunks enough time. He then turns back to normal, surprising Babidi, who asks if he's giving up. Goku tells Babidi and Majin Buu that he will explain the Super Saiya-jin to them both. He shows them Super Saiya-jin and then the level that surpasses that, which he tells them that he guesses can be called Super Saiya-jin 2. Babidi tells him that that level is stupid, since it looks so much like the first one. Goku then tells them that this surpasses even that and powers up for a transformation. This drastic increase in power shocks Kuririn, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks. On Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Kaio-sama yells for Goku to stop because transforming will decrease his time-limit on the earth. After a great amount of screaming and powering up, which causes the earth to shake, Goku transforms into the level known as Super Saiya-jin 3. Goku introduces the new level of Super Saiya-jin and apologizes that it took so long to attain, since he is still not used to transforming into it. Gohan senses the tremendous power and wonders if it is father. When he assumes that it can't be, Kaioshin assures him that, even though it's such a tremendously high ki, he's sure that it's Goku's. Kibit is surprised that they can sense Goku's ki from so far away. Majin Buu tells Goku that, even though he's got a scary face, he's not afraid of him. Babidi then tells Goku that Majin Buu's right, no matter what he transforms into he doesn't stand a chance against Majin Buu. At the Western Capitol, Trunks finally arrives at the Capsule Corp. building. He finds his grand parents and Mrs. Briefs continually tries to offer him a snack. Trunks tells them that he's looking for the dragon radar and Dr. Briefs tries to remember where it was and Trunks tells him to hurry because he's in a rush. Babidi yells for Majin Buu to attack and Goku appears next to him, kicking Majin Buu around. He then grabs Majin Buu's headpiece and punches him. At Kami-sama's palace, Piccolo says that Goku is incredibly strong, but chances are he still won't be able to defeat Majin Buu. Goku follows up his hits by swinging Majin Buu around and throwing him into a building beneath them. Afterward, Majin Buu flies up from the rubble and attacks Goku with one of Vegeta's multiple energy blasts attacks. Goku knocks all of the blasts away and understands that just by fighting a little bit with an opponent, Majin Buu can learn their techniques. Majin Buu's arm then stretches out, hitting Goku in the face. Goku turns and smiles at Buu, who smiles back. On Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Kaio-sama yells for him to hurry up and finish the fight, so that he'll have enough time left on the earth to teach Goten and Trunks the fusion technique. Goku and Majin Buu then attack each other with a series of hits to the face and then fire blasts at each other, causing an explosion. Babidi yells at Majin Buu, who yells shut up back, angering Babidi into yelling more. Goku senses that Trunks still hasn't left the Western Capitol and yells for him to hurry up. Trunks and Dr. Briefs furiously search for the Dragon Radar, but are still unable to find it. Babidi understands that Goku must be trying to get in contact with Trunks and tells Majin Buu to beat up Goku until he tells them where Trunks is. Goku decides that he needs to buy Trunks more time and attacks Majin Buu.

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