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Japanese Episode 234
The Terrifying Majin Buu!! It's Feared that Gohan's on the Brink of Death

As Majin Buu moves closer to Kaioshin, Kaioshin looks down to Gohan and sees him slowly getting back up. When Majin Buu gets right in front of Kaioshin, Kaioshin unleashes a wave of energy in Majin Buu's face, pushing him back. Majin Buu simply moves back to where he was. His eyes then open up and he slams both of his hands into the sides of Kaioshin's face. Majin Buu then follows up his attack by slamming Kaioshin hard into the ground. Kaioshin flies back up to Majin Buu and fires a blast into his chest. Majin Buu quickly recovers and head-buts Kaioshin back to the ground. Babidi praises Majin Buu and yells for him to kill him. Gohan angrily powers up, causing the rocks that were around him to be blown away. Kaioshin gets up and Majin Buu lands in front of him, chanting like a monkey (as he seems to enjoy doing). Kaioshin decides he must try doing something. When Majin Buu gets right in front of him, he opens his eyes, which glow for a moment, followed up with some kind of psychic wind blast attack similiar to the one he first used on Majin Buu at the beginning of this episode. Majin Buu quickly recovers, shocking Kaioshin. Then, Majin Buu uses the exact same attack on Kaioshin that Kaioshin just used on him, except this time it appears to be much more powerful. Kaioshin screams in pain and is thrown backward, in Babidi's direction, knocking Babidi aside. As Babidi taunts Kaioshin's painful situation, Majin Buu comes back, landing on top of Kaioshin. Majin Buu gets off of him and Kaioshin starts to painfully get back up. Babidi wonders if he should finish him and Gohan angrily screams, flying up and kicking Majin Buu away. Babidi runs away and Majin Buu cartwheels back to Gohan. After quickly regenerating from Gohan's attack, Majin Buu's eyes open and he angrily tells Gohan that he is getting in the way. Gohan flies to Majin Buu to attack him, but Majin Buu fires a blast right at Gohan, causing him to be shot far away. Kaioshin's eyes light up for a moment, causing the blast that is pushing Gohan to dissipate in a minor explosion. Gohan falls into some trees and Kaioshin tells Gohan to please stay alive, falling unconscious. Elsewhere, Mr. Satan sits in a room, staring at his Tenka'ichi Budokai championship belt, thinking about Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and the others. He wonders how Gohan and Videl were able to fly and then comes up with the idea that maybe humans have always had the ability to fly but only a few know how. He opens his window and goes to fly out, but instead goes back into the room. He decides that if a bunch of nameless jerks can fly, then he, the Martial Arts Champion of the World, should be able to as well. He gets on top of a chair and jumps off, slamming hard into the ground. He then tries again and looks up to see a bunch of girls from the Mr. Satan Fanclub standing there. He hastily explains to them that he was trying to invent a new special attack. Elsewhere, Babidi laughs at Kaioshin, thanking him for bringing the 'humans' who were able to provide the energy for Majin Buu to've been ressurected so quickly. After Kaioshin makes a noise, Babidi tells Majin Buu to kill him. After his stomach growls, Majin Buu turns around and tells Babidi that he is hungry, so he will eat Kaioshin. Babidi is overjoyed to hear this and tells Majin Buu not to leave even a hair behind of Kaioshin. When Majin Buu bends over to do so, a spear is thrown through his chest. Babidi sees that it is Darbura, and is astounded at the fact that he's still alive, but yells at him for doing that to Majin Buu. Close by, Trunks and Goten spot them and land. They go to normal, from Super Saiya-jin, so that no one is able to detect their ki. They look at the beings that are far in front of them and notice Kaioshin from having been at the Tenka'ichi Budokai. Goten asks Trunks which one of them is the Majin and Trunks tells him that they should move closer since it's too hard to tell from the distance. They descend and look at the beings again, still not able to tell what has been going on. Trunks wonders where his father and Gohan are. Goten then sees something above where they are sitting. They decide to go check it out and climb back up the mountain. They believe that the stone Piccolo is a statue of him, but wonder why it is all the way out where they are. Goten spots a statue of Kuririn below them and Trunks accidentally knocks the stone Piccolo over, breaking him into pieces. They look down where Babidi, Darbura, Majin Buu, and Kaioshin are and see that they haven't been noticed yet. Darbura tells Babidi that Majin Buu will never be fit to serve him. He explains that one day Majin Buu will become too strong for Babidi's magic to work, so he should kill him now, while he can. Babidi angrily yells at Darbura to shut up and scolds him. Majin Buu then pulls the spear out of himself and heals, to the surprise of Darbura and Babidi. His eyes then open and he angrily tells Darbura that he will eat him.

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