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Japanese Episode 235
The Terrifying Majin Buu!! It's Feared that Gohan's on the Brink of Death

Vegeta decides to enter Babidi's spaceship so that when he destroys it, he will be where Majin Buu and the others are. He is no longer able to feel Gohan's ki and blames himself for everything that has happened. Elsewhere, Majin Buu hops toward Darbura, telling him that he is going to eat him. Darbura ferociously attacks Majin Buu and hits him up in the air and back into the ground. Majin Buu jumps out of the ground that he was hit into and lands back in front of Darbura as Babidi cheers him on. Darbura then jumps into the air and launches multiple blasts at Majin Buu. As the dust clears, Majin Buu continues to chant to Darbura that he is going to eat him. Darbura flies at Majin Buu and spits at him, attempting to turn him into stone. As Goten and Trunks watch in horror, Majin Buu evades Darbura's spit and uses the part of his body that is hanging off of his head to turn Darbura into a cookie. Majin Buu then catches the giant cookie, dances, and eats it. This causes everything that Darbura turned to stone to change back to normal. Goten and Trunks find Kuririn and tell him that he was a statue. Kuririn figures out that whatever Darbura spits on must become stone and must've changed back to normal when Darbura died. This horrifies Trunks, who flies up to check something out. Kuririn wonders what Trunks is doing and Goten explains that Trunks accidentally knocked the Piccolo statue over, breaking it into pieces. Trunks flies up and is speechless at what he sees of Piccolo. He flies back down and tells Goten and Kuririn that they should keep what had happened a secret. They then hear Piccolo asking about the secret and they turn around to see Piccolo standing above them, smiling. Piccolo immediately ducks down hiding and looks over at Babidi and Majin Buu, wondering where the terrifying aura that he feels is coming from. Piccolo then realizes that the guy down with Babidi is Majin Buu. Trunks asks Piccolo how he got back to normal and Piccolo explains that as long as he is not wounded in the head, he can regenerate (which makes no sense... why didn't he regenerate when he was shot through the chest by Freeza?). Babidi tells Majin Buu to eat Kaioshin as well and Buu starts to go toward him. Piccolo goes to get up to help Kaioshin, but Kuririn tells him that he'd only get himself killed if he tried to help. Goten tells Kuririn that Majin Buu wasn't hurt when he got impaled by a spear and was able to turn his opponent into a cookie and eat him. Majin Buu goes to eat Kaioshin when Babidi's spaceship blows up and Vegeta lands in front of them. Babidi angrily scolds Vegeta, who asks if 'this ugly oaf' is Majin Buu. Vegeta then angrily declares that he will make Majin Buu pay for killing Gohan. This shocks Piccolo, who doesn't answer Trunks's question of what his father said. Majin Buu asks Babidi what ugly means and Babidi tells him that Vegeta means that he has an ugly face and doesn't like him. This causes Buu to get angry and large, releasing his largeness into steam that comes out of holes on the top of his body. Kuririn senses Buu's large increase in power and Babidi tells him to kill Vegeta. Babidi runs far away to get a good distance from Majin Buu and Vegeta. As Buu stands there, Vegeta sees Goku and tells Goku that he hates him for always being one step ahead of him, saving his life, and beating his enemies for him. Vegeta then tells Goku that he is going to take care of the problem this time and that when he [Goku] wakes up, Majin Buu will be dead... and maybe even himself [Vegeta] as well. Kaioshin realizes that Vegeta plans on dying. Vegeta powers up, pulling large chunks of land toward him and flings at Majin Buu, who blows them up. Vegeta then attacks Buu, who takes the attacks as if they were nothing to him.

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