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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 203
Gohan, You Must Move Quick! Save Videl!!

In the beginning of this episode, Gohan transforms into his Great Saiya-man costume and flies to school. On the way there, we learn that he has given Goten Kinto'Un to use. When he gets close to Satan City, Videl spots him while flying her jet and follows him. He evades her all around the city, eventually stopping in front of her and zanzokening. He goes to detransform in order to get to school, but Videl lands her jet right next to him and gets out. She questions him, trying to find out who he is, and figures, since Gohan is extremely strong and is able to fly, he must not be human. Gohan looks elsewhere, acting surprised, and Videl looks in that direction. Gohan then jumps away from her, picks up her jet, and puts it on top of a building. When she arrives at her class, she is late and apologizes to her teacher, who forgives he knows that she has several other things that keep her busy. When she sits down, Sharpener tells her that Gohan was late too that morning, which is rare. Gohan tells her that he slept in to late and laughs nervously. Later on that day, Gohan sees some criminals speeding, who knock a police car off the road. When they get out of their car, deciding to make a report to their boss, Gohan steps in front of them telling them that they shouldn't drive so recklessly. The bigger guy of the two picks up Gohan, who warns them again. Gohan dodges his attacks, but when he notices Videl he becomes distracted for enough time for the guy to hit him in the face. Videl quickly runs in and kicks the guy in the face. The younger brother, who wasn't hit, tells Videl that she is going to pay as he drags his brother into their car and drives away. Videl asks Gohan if he's okay and he tells her that he's fine. She wonders how he can be okay if the guy hit him so hard in the face and Gohan tells her that the guy must've not been very strong. She apologizes to Gohan, telling him that she didn't help him earlier because she suspected that he was the Great Saiya-man and therefore would've beaten the two criminals easily. In the car, the man that hit Gohan curses, thinking that he broke his hand from hitting Gohan. Sometime later, when they are all in class, Videl is contacted on her watch by police, who inform her that the mayor has been taken hostage by terrorists. At the crime scene, the guy who hit Gohan has a knife in front of the mayor's throat, telling him that he wants the mayor to get Mr. Satan there since his boss wants to fight him. Then, his boss walks out, explaining that he doesn't care that Mr. Satan saved the earth, since he can't be the strongest fighter forever. He declares that he is going to beat the crap out or Mr. Satan and one of his 'Red Rock Gang' followers fires a rocket launcher at the police. As the police try to contact Mr. Satan, he hides in his attic, deciding that, even though he wants to, can't go there since they have weapons. Videl leaves the class to go help the police and Gohan requests to go to the bathroom. The teacher tells Gohan that he has asked to go to the bathroom a lot, but never returns, so she won't let him no matter how high of grades that he gets. Videl arrives at the place where the mayor is being held hostage and tells them that her father is too busy to fight all of the guys that challenges him. She tells them that he will fight them if they beat her first. The mayor tells the Red Rock Gang boss that she is almost as strong as Mr. Satan. The boss agrees to fight her, since beating her will be like beating Mr. Satan. She kicks at him and he blocks the attack. Videl tells him that he is stronger than the people that she usually has to fight. At Orange Star High School, Gohan senses that her opponent is pretty strong and tries to think of what he can do to get out of class to help her. As he thinks, he taps his foot rapidly, which eventually causes an earthquake-like effect. When everyone gets under their desks, Gohan escapes, transforms, and flies to where Videl is. As Videl and the boss fight, he tells her that she is pretty good. Then, one of his gang members fires a machine gun at her. As she dodges the bullets, the boss runs up and knocks her down. Gohan then arrives and bends the end of a gang members' machine gun. Videl tells him that this is her fight and tells Gohan that she never asked for his help. The boss tells his gang members to kill both the masked guy and Videl. Gohan hits a few of the men and goes to untie the mayor when one of the gang members fires a rocket at him. Gohan stops the rocket and pushes it back at the man, who runs away and gets knocked out by the explosion. Gohan is then surprised to see the boss strangling Videl and goes to help her when she hits the man in the stomach and kicks him to the ground. When Gohan goes to leave, she tells him to wait. She thanks him and tells him that she will find out who he is one day. Sometime later, Gohan, Eliza, Sharpener, and Videl are walking down the street when Eliza tells Videl about how Gohan dissapeared from the class when there was an earthquake and came back shortly before she did from rescuing the mayor. Videl goes to ask Gohan but finds that he has vanished.

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