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Japanese Episode 202
Gohan's Mixed Up First Date?!

Gohan stays up later than usual practicing poses for the Great Saiya-man. He wakes up late for school the next day and heads there as quickly as he can. When he arrives, he immediately transforms from his suit to his normal atire. He is shocked when he sees a girl standing on the roof where he transformed, watching him. When he gets to class, he learns from Sharpener that the teacher isn't even there yet. To Gohan's surprise, the girl who saw him de-transform walks into the class and sits down in front of him, looking back at him smiling. During class, the teacher calls Gohan to read. Gohan doesn't respond because he is so worried about the girl having seen him. The teacher eventually gets Gohan's attention and tells him to go out in the hallway. Later on, when the teacher calls on the girl (who we now find out is named Angela), he has to go up to her to get her attention. She apologizes, crying and then brightens up, telling him she'll go out in the hall. In the hallway, she stands next to Gohan happily and asks him if he has a girlfriend. He hesitates in his answer, making her think that he does have one. Then, she tells him that she knows his secret and won't tell if he goes out on a date with her. She gets Gohan to agree and then tells him to meet her in front of the Satan City train station at 10 AM on Sunday. As Gohan heads home after school as the Great Saiya-man, he decides that since she knows he is the Great Saiya-man, he will have to suck up to her to get her to keep the secret. When he gets home, Gohan asks Chi-Chi what her first date with Goku was like. She tells him that she told Goku that a date was the most fun thing that a guy and a girl could do together. When Goku had heard that, he thought it was fighting, and attacked her. Then, she fought back and they laughed as they sparred with each other. She finishes her story by telling Gohan that the mark that Goku made in the tree, when he first attacked her, left an impression on her heart. The next day, Gohan makes it on time for the date, impressing Angela. She then gets Gohan to take her to a movie, where Gohan falls asleep. When she yells at him, he wakes up and she goes to go home. He follows her out of the movie, apologizing. When she turns around to him outside, she is happy again and suggests that they go to the tea shop next. When they are sitting down in the tea shop, she tells him to ask her how old she is and he does so, finding out that she is thirteen. After he fixes her tea for her, she tells him that she tells him that she saw what he was wearing. Gohan asks her what she thinks about what he was wearing and she tells him that she thinks that it is very cute. She then asks Gohan if he wears it all the time and he tells her that he only wears it when he has to. She then suggests that they go to Satan River next. On the way there, Gohan sees several fire trucks racing toward a building that is being engulfed in flames from the top down and follows. While standing at the base of the building, Gohan hears people saying that some people weren't able to make it out yet. He then sees Videl's helicopter flying over the top of the building. In the helicopter, Videl has the pilot get as close as he can fly to the buiding and spots a large water tower on top of the building. She learns from computer operators that there is an external valve for the water tower that will let the water loose. Despite the danger of the fire and the height of the helicopter from the roof, Videl jumps off. When she lands, she finds the valve and tries to open it, unsuccessfully. Gohan leaves Angela to go save the people in the building. She tells him that he can't do anything to save them and he wonders why she's saying that, when she saw him in his Great Saiya-man form. As Videl continues her struggle in opening the valve, there are explosions that cause the roof to crack open. The water tower falls into the crack and starts to fall on top of her when Gohan (dressed up as the Great Saiya-man) catches it. He has her move out of the way and punches a hole in the side, causing the water to spray out and down the stairs and cracks of the roof throughout the building. The fire is entirely put out from the water and the people rejoice. Later on, Gohan sneaks out onto the streets and Videl spots him. She asks him why he is there and if he is hiding something. Just then, Angela spots them together and tells Gohan that she thought that he had a girlfriend and that is why he went into the building, to save her from the fire. Angela then asks Videl if she knows Gohan's secret. Every time she goes to tell Videl, Gohan screams at them very loudly so that she won't hear. Angela eventually manages to tell Videl that Gohan wears teddy bear underwear. She goes on to explain that she was walking down the hall when she peered in a door that was cracked open. In the room, she saw that Gohan was wearing underwear with a teddy bear on them. Gohan asks her if she saw him on the roof and she tells him that she was daydreaming, so she only saw that he was late for school. Videl tells Gohan that she didn't know he was into that kind of stuff and he tells her that his mother bought them by mistake and he didn't have anything else to wear at the time. After he explains this, Angela tells Gohan that she hates him and walks away. The next day, Gohan walks into his class to see Angela asking another guy out and he laughs.

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