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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 201
The Debut of the Champion and Lover of Justice, The Great Saiya-man

Gohan stops at Bulma's house and tells him that he needs to be able to fight crime without anyone knowing who he is. She tells him she can make him a transformation suit similiar to the way a capsule works in about two hours. He asks her where Trunks is and she tells him that he is with Vegeta in the gravity room, since Vegeta decided that Trunks was about the right age to start training for real. When Gohan walks over to the room, he meets Trunks (who is a little kid now, rather than the baby we saw in the Cell saga). Vegeta walks out of the room and tells Gohan that he should always be training, no matter how peaceful the world has become. Bulma tells Gohan that it's ready and gives Gohan the watch that will generate the suit. Trunks tells her that he wants one too. Then, Gohan pushes the button on the watch, causing a disguise suit to generate on him. When Trunks sees it, he decides that he doesn't want one after all. Gohan admires how it looks and heads off to go home. He realizes that with the suit, he will be able to fly to school much faster. He generates the suit and jumps off of Kinto'Un, telling it to prove him wrong in a race back. On the way, they fly over Satan City and Gohan spots a car driving crazily. He flies down and lands in front of it, causing the car to have to stop. The two men inside get out to beat up Gohan and in the process ask him who he is. He thinks for a bit and eventually declares that he is the Great Saiya-man. The two men laugh at him, causing Gohan to get angry and stomp his foot on the ground. The second time he stomps his foot down causes cracks to form so deep in the ground that their car's front tire goes into one. This causes the two men to apologize to him, telling him that his name is cool and that they will drive safely from now on. Gohan picks up the car and moves it away from the cracks in the ground. The men get into the car and drive slowly away. When Gohan gets home, Chi-Chi wonders where he got the clothes from and tells him that sometimes he is just like Goku. Goten then comes in, carrying a giant fish, and tells Gohan that he looks cool. The next day, Gohan goes to leave for school. Chi-Chi tells him to fly straight to school and to watch out for airplanes. Gohan tells Goten that when he gets older, he'll ask Bulma to make him the same outfit. When Gohan takes off, he tells Goten that he can use Kinto'Un from now on, since he doesn't need it anymore. Gohan makes it to Orange Star High School in 20 minutes and transforms after he makes sure that no one sees him. As Gohan sits in class, he hears two guys in front of him talking about the new champion of justice that showed up the day before. They say that he is dressed ugly, but is very strong, and is called the Great Tire-man. Gohan then bends over to them and yells that he is called the Great Saiya-man. Everyone turns around and one of the guys asks him how he knows. Gohan tells him that he knows someone who was there. Just then, the police calls Videl over her watch and tell her that there is a bus hijacking going on and that they need her help. She runs out of the class and Eliza explains to Gohan that Videl's the strong daughter of Mr. Satan, so the police often ask her for help. He has a hard time believing that Videl is strong and Sharpener tells him not to underestimate Videl, because she is strong enough to fight Mr. Satan. Gohan remembers when Mr. Satan was easily smacked away by Cell and thinks that the situation that Videl is in could be dangerous. He runs out of the class, telling the teacher that he needs to use the bathroom. He then goes up to the roof, transforms, and takes off, stopping when he realizes that he doesn't know where the bus terminal is. At the scene of the crime, the police hand over the ransom money to the criminals, asking for the hostages to be handed over. The criminals then shoot at the police and drive the bus through them. The police go to shoot at them, but realize that they could hit the hostages. As the cops try to stop the criminals, Videl flies overhead in her helicopter and evades gunfire from the criminals. She then jumps onto the top of the bus and evades bullets that are shot through the roof. When the guy that was shooting at her reloads, she breaks through a window on the side of the bus and begins to beat up the criminals. In the process, the one who is driving the bus is hit and the bus falls over the side of a cliff. Gohan manages to catch it before it hits the ground and lands them safely. After they have all gotten out of the bus, Videl asks him who he is and he does some poses and says some phrases, telling her that he is the Great Saiya-man. Then, he says goodbye to her, saying her name in the process, causing her to wonder how he can know her name.

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