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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 198
The Final Round! Goku vs. Paikuhan?!

The final round of the semi-finals is to be Goku vs. Mariko. When the round begins, Goku and Mariko charge each other and then dodge each other's attacks. As they are doing this, Paikuhan becomes excited for his battles to come. Goku lands on Mariko's back and slips down. Mariko hits Goku into the air, using his tail. As Goku crashes through asteroids, Mariko jumps on top of one. Goku manages to push himself off of one of the asteroids and heads back at Mariko, who grabs onto one of the asteroids. Mariko then begins to fall backwards, as Goku heads toward him, crashing through several of the asteroids. Mariko eventually regains control and manages to hurl the asteroid at Goku, who destroys it with a blast. Afterwards, Goku lands back on the platform in the arena. He looks around to determine Mariko's location. When he sees where he is, he kicks out and Mariko becomes visible, but is in great pain from Goku's kick. Goku then swings him around and throws him off of the platform. Goku is declared the winner of the match because of Mariko's having fallen out of bounds. Paikuhan wonders how Goku can be stronger than when he first met him. After Northern and Western Kaio-samas argue over whether or not Goku or Paikuhan will win the tournament, Western Kaio-sama decides that they should have a bet. He tells Northern Kaio-sama that if Goku wins, he will give him his Kaio planet. Northern Kaio-sama goes to bet his planet, but remembers it was blown up. Western Kaio-sama gets Northern Kaio-sama to agree into becoming his servant forever if Paikuhan wins the tournament. Then, Goku walks up and Northern Kaio-sama congratulates him on his victory. Goku's stomach growls loudly, surprising everyone. Dai Kaio-sama offers him food that has been prepared and Goku thanks him, running over to the food. Nortern Kaio-sama asks him why he isn't going to watch the next match, to study Paikuhan's fighting techniques. Goku tells him that he doesn't feel the need to, since he knows that Paikuhan is going to win. The next, and final match of the semi-finals is Tolby vs. Paikuhan. As Goku eats ferociously, all we hear are sounds from the match, indicating that someone is getting a beating. Then, Tolby is carried away on a stretcher and Paikuhan is declared the winner of the match. When the announcer announces the participants of the final match, Goku is not up on the platform. As Northern Kaio-sama forces Goku away from his food and onto the platform, Paikuhan wonders if Goku is acting calm or is just stupid. When the final round begins, Goku hits Paikuhan multiple times and stops, asking him why he is not dodging his attacks. He asks him if it is because he feels that his attacks are not worth dodging, and Paikuhan smiles. Then, he tells Paikuhan that he is not using his full strength. Paikuhan says, "We'll see," and hits Goku in the face. Then, they dodge each other's blasts, until a set of their blasts eventually collide. They then land back on the platform and graps each other's hands, pushing on each other. Goku manages to push Paikuhan to the end of the platform. Paikuhan then starts to push Goku back, but is eventually unable to budge Goku. He is unable to believe that Goku could be so powerful, and kicks at Goku, causing Goku to jump backward. Paikuhan takes off his weighted headdress and tosses it at Goku, who dodges it. Goku picks it up, feeling its great weight. He tells Paikuhan that he reminds him of a martial artist he knows named Piccolo, because of his weighted clothing and ability to excite him so much. He then tosses the headdress off of the platform and goes Super Saiya-jin.

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