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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 199
What, Disqualification?! The Full Power Kamehameha

Paikuhan wonders how Goku keeps getting stronger and stronger. The Eastern, Western, and Souther Kaio-sama's are suprised at Goku's transformation. Northern Kaio-sama gloats at how Goku is going to win the bet made between Western Kaio-sama and him. Western Kaio-sama yells that Paikuhan won't lose because he hasn't used all of his techniques yet. Goku launches a kamehameha at Paikuhan, who dodges it. Goku then fires several blasts at Paikuhan, who manages to dodge them all. When the smoke around the ring clears, Goku finds that Paikuhan is standing on one of the small moons/asteroids/whatever. This astounds Goku, since he never even sensed or saw him moving there. Paikuhan tells Goku that even though he is a lot stronger from his transformation, he [Paikuhan] is even stronger. Paikuhan then spins around at an incredible speed, causing a tornado-like effect to happen, which is what Paikuhan calls Hyper Burning Shot. Goku is pulled into it and is spun around as he is cut all over the place. Goku eventually regains control and charges up, causing the Hyper Burning Shot attack to go away. He then does a Super Kaio-ken and slams Paikuhan into one of the asteroids. He follows through with a kamehameha, which is cancelled out by a more powerful shot from Paikuhan, sending Goku back onto the ring. Goku fires another blast at Paikuhan, who pushes closer and closer to Goku, through the blast, until he reaches Goku and kicks him to the end of the ring. He goes to kick Goku out of the ring and Goku manages to dodge the attack. They then stand apart from each other, both breathing hard and watching each other. Goku tells Paikuhan that it's people like him that cause him to be excited to fight. Paikuhan tells him he is always happy to finish it and does his Thunder Crush attack. When the smoke clears, Goku is laying in the mashed down part of the ring surprised that he never even saw the attack coming. When Goku gets up, Paikuhan does the attack again. Paikuhan then jumps up into the air and fires a blast at Goku, who quickly gets up and dodges it. They then both fly up into the air and fire blasts at each other, knocking themselves away from each other. They regain control by jumping off of the ceiling and fly at each other. When they reach each other, they fight with barrages of punches and kicks. When Goku fires a kamehameha at Paikuhan, Paikuhan deflects it and hits Goku into the ring. Paikuhan then goes to do his Thunder Crush attack again, when Goku sits up and decides to watch for the attack's unguarded moment. When he finds it, he teleports next to Paikuhan and fires a kamehameha at him. Paikuhan is knocked out of the ring, landing on the ground. Everyone is silent for a few moments and Goku is declared the winner. Goku helps Paikuhan up and explains to him that he shouldn't have done the same attack three times, because he was able to see his moves clearly the third time that Paikuhan did it. Paikuhan laughs and tells Goku that he will train harder and will beat him next time. Goku tells him that he will too. When Goku is called to Dai Kaio-sama, Dai Kaio-sama surprises everyone when he says that Goku and Paikuhan are both disqualified due to one of the rules of the tournament. He explains that both Goku and Paikuhan touched the ceiling of the ring. When upside down, the ceiling of the ring becomes the floor, and that is why they are both disqualified. Dai Kaio-sama tells Goku that he will train him in a few years anyway. Over the next seven years Goku trains in heaven and the world is once again in a state of peace (not including crime and stuff of that nature). We are then shown Goku's house, which a grown-up Gohan walks out of. ChiChi gives him his lunch and he heads off to go to High School, to further his education.

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