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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 197
Dai Kaio-sama's Tournament! The Goku Hurricane

The announcer of the tournament announces that there are now eight finalists from the preliminary rounds. These finalists are: Flog and Tolby of the Southern Milky Way, Aqua of the Eastern Milky Way, Goku and Olive of the Northern Milky Way, and Mariko, Tapika, and Paikuhan of the Western Milky Way. In the first round of the semi-semi finals, Tolby of the Southern Milky Way is chosen to fight Tapika of the Western Milky Way. Before the match begins, Tapika moves around Tolby at an incredible speed. Then, the match begins and Tapika goes to attack Tolby but stops. To the surprise of everyone, Tapika admits defeat because he's too exhausted to fight. Western Kaio-sama states that the ring was too big for Tapika. In the next round, Flog of the Southern Milky Way is to take on Mariko of the Western Milky Way. When the match begins, Flog kicks Mariko in the stomach, who punches Flog back. Then, Flog decides to expand and expand, which will eventually cause Mariko to be pushed out of the ring. When he has almost been pushed out of the ring, Mariko picks up Flog and hurls him into the air. Flog collides with a small moon, shrinks, and falls down outside of the ring, causing Mariko to be declared the winner. In the next match, Son Goku of the Northern Milky Way is chosen to fight Aqua of the Eastern Milky Way. In the beginning of the match, Goku runs up and kicks Aqua into the air. As Aqua is airborne, Goku wonders if Aqua is very weak and he hit him too hard. Then, Eastern Kaio-sama yells to Aqua that it is his chance to use his special technique. Aqua then yells, as his eyes light up, and the area is filled with blinding light. When the light clears, the whole ring is covered in water, with Goku in it. Aqua returns to the water and attacks Goku. Over time, Aqua actually has the better hand in the fight. Eventually, Goku decides that he cannot move freely in the water and uses the taiyoken technique to escape. As he is flying through the air, Goku does a kaioken at the ring, causing the water to be blown away and Aqua to land outside of the ring. To Eastern Kaio-sama's dismay, Goku is declared the winner of the fight. She scolds Aqua angrily, causing Aqua to feel bad. Goku walks up and tells Aqua that he almost won and that they should fight again sometime, which cheers him up. For the next round, Paikuhan of the Western Milky Way is chosen to fight Olive of the Northern Milky Way. When the round begins, Paikuhan charges up quickly, almost causing Olive to fall outside of the ring. Olive fires a blast at Paikuhan, which follows Paikuhan until it is tricked into colliding with a small moon. Olive and Paikuhan then attack each other ferociously, moving around at great speed causing explosions when their hits collide. As this continues, Goku stares in awe, wondering if this is the power of the fighters of the afterlife. These attacks continue until the round ends when Olive lands outside of the ring. Olive goes back onto the ring, telling Paikuhan that he won't tell anyone that he saw him land outside of the ring but will admit defeat instead. The round ends with Paikuhan declared the winner. Goku states that he is trembling, to which Western Kaio-sama laughs that he is shaking at the power of the afterlife fighters. Goku responds that it's not because of that, but is because he is so excited. Dai Kaio-sama laughs, telling Goku that he'll do just fine in this tournament.

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