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Japanese Episode 196
An Assembly of Fighters from All Era's... Goku Enters Dai Kaio-sama's Tournament

Goku relates the story of Paikuhan defeating Cell to Kaio-sama. Kaio-sama shows Goku all of the fighters on Dai Kaio-sama's planet that are from the Northern part of the Milky Way, all training for as much as billions of years in order to receive the honor of being trained by Dai Kaio-sama. Then the Eastern, Western, and Southern Kaio-samas run up to (Northern) Kaio-sama, chanting happily that he is dead. Western Kaio-sama tells him that he brought the other Kaio-samas of the Milky Way to Dai Kaio-sama's planet because it is so unusual that a Kaio-sama is dead. He suggest to him that they hold a commemoration for his death and he angrily tells Western Kaio-sama that there is no need to do such a thing. Western Kaio-sama says that since it has been 300 years since the last time they have all been together, they should hold a martial arts tournament. They then take the idea to Dai Kaio-sama, who agrees to it and tells them that he will personally train the winner of the tournament. He takes everyone to a big room that looks like space, telling them that they will train there. Goku tells them that he wants to be in the tournament so that he can be trained by Dai Kaio-sama. Eastern Kaio-sama wonders why Goku would want to be in it when the fighters of the afterlife are so powerful. (Northern) Kaio-sama tells her that even though Goku is new, he is very powerful. She tells them that Goku can be in the tournament if he beats her in a race. Dai Kaio-sama tells them that he likes races, so they will hold the race. Eastern Kaio-sama gets on a flying motorcycle and Goku flies in the race. When they reach the finish line, Dai Kaio-sama is already there, so neither of them win the race and Goku is allowed to enter anyway. The tournament is shown to be held on a large floating area in the space-like region. Each Kaio-sama is giving their representatives a pep talk. Then, the announcer tells everyone that the martial arts competition that will be held in commemoration of Northern Kaio-sama's death will now begin. Dai Kaio-sama welcomes everyone to the tournament and then it officially begins. The announcer explains the rules of the tournament: each sector (N, S, E, W) of the Milky Way is to elect four representatives, whose opponents will be drawn randomly. If someone falls outside of the ring, cries, or admits defeat they are automatically disqualified. Eye-poking and hits below the belt area are not allowed. There is to be no time limit for each round and no one has to worry about killing each other, since the fighters are already dead. The tournament starts off with Olive of the Northern Milky Way versus Cha-Chai of the Eastern Milky Way. Cha-Chai moves and dodges Olive with incredible speed, gaining enough speed to create multiple forms of himself. Olive manages to dodge the multiple forms when they attack him, causing them to run into each other. This results in a knock out, more than one Cha-Chai, and Olive being declared the winner of the round. Next, only the victories are shown of the next three rounds, with the victors being Paikuhan, a blue-haired guy, and a blond-haired guy. The round after that is Goku versus Catapi, who is from the Southern part of the Milky Way. When Goku jumps in the air, Catapi catches him and holds him with his multiple arms. He then proceeds to tickle Goku, causing Goku to laugh uncontrollably. Catapi continually tells Goku to give up, and eventually Goku manages to explode from Catapi's grasp, causing Catapi to fly up in the air and land back on the platform. Catapi tells Goku he will be sorry and cocoons himself. The announcer asks Southern Kaio-sama when Catapi will emerge from his cocoon, to which he replies 1,200 years. Dai Kaio-sama announces that he cannot wait that long and that Goku is the winner of the round.

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