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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 195
The Strongest in Hades! Goku Confronts the Ginyu Tokusentai, Freezer, Cold, and Cell

Goku tells Kaio-sama to hurry so that they can see the fighters sooner. Kaio-sama asks Goku why he is in such a hurry and Goku tells him that he wants to see the strong fighters as soon as possible, so he can fight them and see how good they are. Kaio-sama tells him not to underestimate them, since they train with Dai Kaio-sama (the god of the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern Kaio-samas) every day. Goku takes off running because he can't wait any longer, but returns to find out where they are and how to get there. He comes back multiple times to get more information and eventually just grabs Gregory, Bubbles, and Kaio-sama and teleports them to Enma Dai-o. Enma Dai-o is astonished to see Goku and Kaio-sama dead. Goku runs to the plane that heads to heaven, but one of Enma Dai-o's servants stops him telling him he must wait to be judged like everyone else. When he sees that Goku has kept his body after death, is surprised to see someone who has kept their body and who was a fighter for justice. He tells Goku that he gets a free pass to heaven and that he has never been honored to see someone like Goku before. Goku heads to the plane and Kaio-sama, Gregory, and Bubbles follow. Goku and Kaio-sama get into a plane heading for Dai Kaio-sama's planet, while Gregory and Bubbles stay behind. When they arrive, Goku notices all of the fighters that Kaio-sama was talking about. He learned from Kaio-sama that most of them have been training for thousands of years. They come across Dai Kaio-sama's car and Kaio-sama inspects it with awe, until his rival, the Western Kaio-sama, shows up and laughs that he died. Goku admits that it was his fault and Western Kaio-sama finds out from them who he is. Western Kaio-sama introduces them to Paikuhan, who is the strongest fighter in the Western Galaxy. Then, Norhtern Kaio-sama and Western Kaio-sama argue over who is stronger between Goku and Paikuhan. They go to get them to fight each other right there, until Dai Kaio-sama shows up. Dai Kaio-sama tells Paikuhan that Cell and Freezer have been causing immense chaos in hell and asks Paikuhan to solve the conflict. Paikuhan complies and heads to hell, with Goku following. Goku tells Paikuhan that he is going to need help since he doesn't know what he's up against. They arrive and see everything trashed, and meet up with Gozu and Mezu (the ogres who protect Enma Daio's Fruit Tree) who tell them about Cell's gang. Elsewhere, Cell throws an ogre into a mountain of spikes and Goku saves him. Freezer sends the Ginyu Tokusentai at Goku, who easily beats them. Then, Cell goes to attack Goku when Paikuhan comes in and easily takes Cell out. Then, Paikuhan proceeds to knock out Freezer and King Cold with one blow each. He then spins around fast enough to send the Ginyu Tokusentai, Cell, Freezer, and King Cold into the mountain of spikes. After they are locked up, Gozu and Mezu are put in charge of watching them. Above the jail, Goku and Paikuhan comment that they won't be able to cause any more trouble. Goku thinks to himself about how excited he is to meet so many good fighters in the afterlife.

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