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Japanese Episode 194
I'll Protect the Future!! Trunks Eradicates No. 17, No. 18, and Cell

In Trunks's timeframe, Androids 17 and 18 are still reaking havoc on cities. Trunks returns in his time machine and lands outside of his house. He then goes inside and meets his mother, Bulma. He tells her about his experience in the past: beating the androids, Goku getting killed, Gohan beating Cell, and how Vegeta got mad when he [Trunks] died, attacking Cell angrily. Then, the radio broadcast they are listening to is interrupted with news that the androids are attacking Parsley City at the location BBN 49. Trunks tells her not to worry because he can handle them now. He declares that he will avenge everyone's death and bring piece to the earth. Meanwhile, 18 is blasting madly because she lost a computer game. An old man shoots 17 to avenge his grandson's death. 17 heads toward him and pulls out a gun, placing it at the man's face when Trunks fires a blast at 17, who dodges it. Trunks tells them that he is going to beat them. 18 requests 17 to beat Trunks and he consents. She smiles, saying that this will be much more fun than a computer game. She fires at Trunks, who dissapears and reappears behind her. He hits her into a pile of rubble. She gets up and attacks Trunks angrily, who dodges all of her attacks. Then, she curses at him angrily and 17 is amazed at just how much he has pissed her off. Trunks tells them that the androids in the other time that he went to were completely different from the ones in his timeline. He tells them that he must kill them since they always are destroying and killing. 17 and 18 attack Trunks and he dodges their attacks. He stuns 17 with a punch to the face and flies at 18. 18 fires multiple blasts at Trunks, who easily deflects them and follows up with blowing her away at point blank range. 17 stares in amazement, wondering how Trunks could've killed 18. He tells 17 that that was for everyone who died and that this will be for Gohan. He kicks 17 in the face, flips up in the air, and blows 17 away from above. A little while later, he is helping out the old man and thinks to himself that it is not over yet because there is still one more that he must take care of (Cell). Time passes, peace returns to the earth, and people begin to rebuild everything. Enough energy has been gathered in order to use the time machine and Trunks is getting ready to go back to the past to tell everyone about the demise of 17 and 18 in his timeline. Bulma is with Trunks, saying goodbye, when Trunks hears Cell not too far away. He tells Bulma to go inside and she at first thinks that he has to be alone with a girlfriend. Then, she sees how serious he is and goes inside. He calls out to Cell, saying that he knows Cell is there and wants to kill him, turn himself into an egg, and use the time machine to go back in time to absorb the andrdoids in order to beocoming his perfect form. Cell is thrown off guard at how Trunks could know that. Trunks tells Cell that his plan is a mistake and he will end it now. Bulma watches in wonder, from inside, as Cell walks toward Trunks. Trunks tells Cell that he should be much more powerful than him, especially since he is not in his perfect form. Cell tells Trunks that there is no way that he can beat him and Trunks asks him how 17 and 18 are dead then. Cell realizes why he couldn't find the androids and gets angry at Trunks since he will now have to go to the past to become his perfect form. Trunks tells him that he doesn't want to fight in the Western Capitol, since they just rebuilt. He pushes Cell far out of the city and follows, landing opposite of him. They both charge up for battle and Trunks yells that he won't let Cell go back in time. He then attacks Cell, who is unable to lay a hit back. Angered, Cell says that there is no way that he can lose to this youth. Trunks tells him that he has to kill him to protect the peace of the earth. Cell attacks him with his tail, which Trunks grabs and swings Cell around with. Trunks then lets go and Cell charges up a kamehameha. Before Cell can fire it, Trunks blows him away. Trunks then sighs since it is all over now. He sincerely thanks everyone and Goku. Meanwhile, in Heaven, Kaio-sama is working on a house as Goku gets Gregory and Bubbles to chase him. He jumps in the air, causing them to collide with each other. Kaio-sama then finishes the house and Goku congratulates him. Goku pats it and it breaks and falls all over the place. Kaio-sama sighs, saying that he doesn't have enough energy to build another house. Goku tells him that he didn't want to live in this place anyway and asks him where the fighters are in Heaven. Kaio-sama thinks, and Goku tells him that he's being unfair, since he promised he'd tell Goku where they were. Goku then gets Kaio-sama to walk with him on Snake Road to find these fighters.

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