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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 151
The Only One Remaining Hope... The Silent Warrior Number 16 Gets Up!

As Piccolo is sinking in the water, Gohan begins to leave to go help him. Goku intercepts Gohan and hits him down, telling him he told Gohan not to go there. Gohan tells him that if they don't help, Cell will kill everyone. Mr. Popo tells Gohan that Goku is right. Going to help would only mean throwing away their lives, and the saiya-jins are the earth's only hope. He tells him that Piccolo and Kami-sama would also be mad at him if he went there. Plus, Gohan sees that doing nothing is beginning to take its toll on Goku, as Goku powers up in anger. At the island, Cell laughs that Piccolo's merging with Kami-sama wasn't even enough to beat him. He apologizes to 17 for taking so long, and tells 18 she will be next. He then races toward 17, who tells Cell he won't be absorbed so easily. 17 rushes at Cell, who flies above 17 and comes down. He then begins to hit 17 around and strikes at him with his tail. Meanwhile, Bulma is with Chibi Trunks, flying to Kame Sen'nin's island. She realizes Chibi Trunks is playing with the Android kill switch and takes it, giving him a phone to play with instead. Just then, Kame Sen'nin calls the phone, and she learns that Kuririn is flying to her as she flies there. She puts the jet into full speed and keeps an eye out for Kuririn. Back at the battlefield, Cell continues to pummel 17. 18 tells 16 that they should now run away. 16 tells her to run away, because if Cell absorbs her, the earth will be doomed. She asks what his course of action will be, to which he replies that he will damage Cell. He tells her that the time for battle has come before he saw Goku. As he walks toward Cell, he tells her that she and 17 were good because they never took one living soul. He tells her that he had fun wandering around with her and 17. Meanwhile, Cell damages 17 further, and picks him up to absorb him. Cell's tail opens up and 17 tries to hold the opening above his head, while he curses at Cell. When things begin to look grim, 16 grabs Cell's shoulder and slugs him in the face. 17 asks if 16 is trying to get himself killed and 16 tells 17 that according to his calculations, he and Cell are about equal in power. He then engages battle with Cell and they duke it out, putting 17, 18, and Tenshinhan in awe. Eventually, Cell manages to shove his tail into 16's neck, and he laughs in triumph. He tells 16 that he might as well absorb him. After failing, he realizes that that must mean that 16 is all mechanical, having no living parts. 16 smiles, pulls Cell up into the air, and throws him into the ground. Then, Cell speeds away and 16 follows. Cell turns around and hits 16, following up with wrapping his tail around 16's neck. He pulls 16 close to him and gets ready to blast 16 in the face, when 16 zaps him with eye lasers to get free. 16 then takes Cell's tail and rips it off, so that he won't be able to absorb any more. After yelling out in pain, Cell stand up and regenerates his tail, explaining that he has the cells of Piccolo, so he is able to regenerate his body parts quickly.

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