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Japanese Episode 192
Bring Back Those Who Have Been Killed! The Battle Is Finally Over

After having blown away Cell, Gohan lies on the ground out of breath and smiling. Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Kuririn, and Piccolo congratulate him, happy that Cell is finally dead for real. Yamcha picks up Gohan, who passes out since he used all of his energy fighting Cell. Tenshinhan picks up Trunks's body and Kuririn picks up the unconscious 18. Vegeta tells Piccolo to leave him there and Piccolo follows the others to Kami-sama's palace. Vegeta curses Goku for always being stronger than him and takes off. The reporters wake up and see that Mr. Satan is the only one there. He makes them believe that he defeated Cell by using great skill, while Cell used cheap tricks. He tells them that the others are gone now. The world is told that everything is safe again and that Mr. Satan is the one who defeated Cell. In Heaven, Goku thanks Kaio-sama, since he was killed in order for Goku to teleport Cell away from the earth. He asks Kaio-sama is there is anything to eat. Kaio-sama yells at Goku that, thanks to him, there is nothing left. Goku looks around and finds clouds to eat. At Kami-sama's palace, Dende (now the earth's Kami-sama) heals Gohan. Gohan tells them that he felt his father helping him when he fought Cell. Later on, Android 18 regains consciousness and Kuririn explains to her that Gohan defeated Cell and that they are at Kami-sama's now. Yamcha, standing a good distance away, yells that they should be careful around her and that she can't be forgiven for what she's done. Gohan tells everyone that he has figured out that Kuririn likes Android 18. He hits Gohan in the head and tells him that that is not the case. Android 18 tells them that she guesses she should thank whoever saved her and that she now wants to be left alone. She leaves and they gather the dragonballs. They then summon Shenlong and Yamcha asks for him to bring back all who died because of Cell. Trunks is brought back to life and (in hiding) 18 watches the whole thing in wonder. Piccolo tells them all that this is the first time Dende's Shenlong has been used, so they must be careful with their wishes. They then wish for 18's internal bomb to be removed. Then, Yamcha asks for Goku to be brought back to life and Shenlong tells him that that is outside of his power. Dende tells them that Goku should be able to be brought back with Porunga on Namek, since Porunga can bring back people who have already been brought back to life once. Goku interrupts their plans to get to Namek, by saying that he doesn't want to be brought back just yet, since he wants to stay in heaven with Kaio-sama for a while longer. He tells them that it is more important that Bulma gets wished back instead of him and that Gohan should be the main protector of the earth in his absence. After he says his goodbyes, they reminesce about Goku, having a hard time believing that he really is dead this time.

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