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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 150
The Suicide Counter-Attack Proves Ineffective! Piccolo's Flame Burns Out

Cell looks at the androids, not recognizing Android 16. He sees that Android 16 has the Red Ribbon Emblem, but must be an older model, so he decides not to pay attention to him. Then, Cell lands and powers up, putting Piccolo in awe. Cell walks past Piccolo, and stops. He turns and tells Piccolo that he can fight him if he wants to get himself into trouble. Piccolo asks him how many lives he has wasted to attain his current amount of power. Cell tells him that to become part of him is their glory. Meanwhile, at the Kame house, Chi Chi suggests that instead of waiting for Bulma to bring the Android kill switch, someone can just fly to her and get it since that'll take less time. Kuririn takes off to go get it, and Tenshinhan takes off to go help Piccolo, since doing so is better than just standing there. Kame Sen'nin gets angry that he used to be the best Martial Arts Master and is now so far behind everyone else that he can no longer be of help. He hopes that Goku will be done training soon. Back at the island, 17 tells Cell to get lost, because he and Piccolo were having fun. Cell smiles and gets his tail ready to absorb 17. Piccolo yells for 17 to look out because Cell is trying to absorb him. Just then, Cell attacks 17 ferociously and 17 frantically dodges his attacks. Cell hits 17 to the ground and goes to absorb him, but Piccolo knocks Cell away. 17 gets up and Piccolo explains to him that Cell is a jinzonigen (artifical human) created by Dr. Gero's computers, with the intent of absorbing Androids 17 and 18, becoming the perfect warrior. 16 yells for 17 to get out of there, since Cell is far more powerful than him. 17 disregards the warning and attacks Cell. Piccolo goes to help him but is knocked away. Cell walks toward Piccolo and Piccolo charges up and fires a super attack at Cell. When everything clears up, Cell surfaces from the water outside of the island, unscathed from the attack. He goes up to Piccolo and Piccolo yells for 17 to get out of there. Then, Cell hits Piccolo so hard that he breaks Piccolo's neck. Cell then picks up Piccolo, fires a blast through his chest, and throws him in the water. Everyone is shocked at this (including Tenshinhan, who has been watching recently from a rock mountain above them). Goku reports that Piccolo's ki has vanished, and Gohan goes to help. Goku holds him so that he doesn't leave, telling Gohan that Cell is too powerful to confront at the moment. Then, Goku turns toward the Room of Spirit and Time and wonders why Vegeta isn't done yet.

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