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Japanese Episode 143
A Life Form of Evil and Destruction!! His Name is Artificial Human Cell

After the monster fires a kamehameha, it looks as if Piccolo is directly hit by it. But instead, Piccolo zanzokens above and the monster zanzokens behind him and puts Piccolo in a lock. When the monster goes to shove his tail into Piccolo's chest, Piccolo manages to move a bit so it goes into his arm. Meanwhile, Trunks figures that the monster must've been what came through the time machine. At the Kame House, Gohan and Chichi can tell that Goku is going to wake up soon, and Gohan rushes downstairs to tell the others. He sees that Yamcha, Kame Sen'nin, and Oolong are intently watching the television. The news that they are watching reports that the army of West City is heading for Ginger Town. They are shown live footage from the army. Meanwhile, the monster absorbs Piccolo's energy through his arm as the West City army arrives at the scene. The leader of the army yells at the monster to surrender because he is surrounded. The monster gets angry and destroys a tank with eye lazers. The leader has the army open fire on the monster. When the smoke clears, the monster is still absorbing Piccolo through his arm. Then, the army files missiles at him, which the monster turns around and sends back down. After Piccolo's arm is just about all absorbed, Piccolo finally manages to escape the monster's grasp. Piccolo agrees with the monster that the monster has the advantage now that his [Piccolo's] arm is absorbed. Piccolo tells the monster he will let the monster absorb him if he answers his questions. Piccolo asks the monster who he is and how he has the ki of Goku and Freeza. The monster agrees to answer Piccolo's questions, and says his name is Cell, a jinzonigen (a.k.a. man made man, android, artificial human, etc.) made by Dr. Gero from the future. He explains that 10 years ago, Dr. Gero collected the cells of the Z-fighters and tried to make a jinzonigen out of it. Since the process was so time-consuming, he left the computer to carry on his work. The cells were obtained during the battle against the saiyajins and when Trunks fought Freeza and King Cold (but he didn't obtain Trunks's cells). He further explains that the cells were gathered by bee-sized spy robots, just like the one that is currently spying on them. Piccolo destroys the spy robot but Cell laughs that Piccolo's new cell information has already been sent to the lab into the current, developing Cell of the current timeline, which will be complete in about 24 years. Piccolo wonders how Dr. Gero's laboratory is still around if it was destroyed, and Cell explains that the computer underneath the laboratory is still there. Piccolo asks Cell why it took him three years to evolve from an egg back into his current form, to which Cell replies that it takes that long to grow, and he will absorb Piccolo now. Piccolo yells that he has a few more questions, and asks why Cell chose to come to the future. Cell tells him that the androids from his timeline were somehow destroyed by Trunks, so he had to kill Trunks and take the time machine back to the already set time destination. All he had to do was press the button and de-evolve back into an egg. Piccolo realizes that Trunks must've been coming to tell them all about how he managed to destroy Androids 17 and 18 in his timeline. Cell tells Piccolo that the computer told him that if he becomes his perfect form, then he will have power beyond anyone's imagination. Piccolo thanks Cell for revealing the mystery and rips his near-completely absorbed arm off, surprising Cell. Then, Piccolo regenerates his arm and tells Cell he won't let him become his perfect form.

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