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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 144
Piccolo's Regrettable Mistake! Cell Escapes into the City!

Cell tells Piccolo that he sure is crafty, tricking him into telling him everything when he was fine all along. Cell also finds out from Piccolo that he is not Piccolo Daimao, but Piccolo and Kami-sama as one. Cell laughs to himself that the Dragonballs must now be gone, therefore no one can be wished back from the dead. Piccolo tells Cell that he is strong enough to defeat him and he will now show him his true power. Cell tells Piccolo that he has nothing left to do now but leave. Piccolo tells Cell that he won't let him leave. Then, Cell sees Trunks and Kuririn arrive and does a taiyoken. While everyone is unable to see him, Cell quickly departs. Piccolo asks Kuririn how Cell can do a taiyoken, and Kuririn tells him that not only Tenshinhan can do it, but he and Goku too. They all look around for Cell, but are unable to see him. Meanwhile, Cell suppresses his ki as he travels on the ground, declaring to himself that he won't be careless enough to be caught again. Back at the Kame House, Chi Chi leads everyone upstairs to see Goku. They all stare at Goku and see a smile form on his face. Kame Sen'nin tells them it is no ordinary smile, but a smile of excitement for battle. Yamcha talks about how Goku will be able to fight the Androids soon. This angers Chi Chi, who yells at them not to talk about Goku going to battle, so soon after he is better. Meanwhile, Cell talks to himself about how he will continue to absorb humans until he is powerful enough to beat Android 17. He stands in the middle of the road, pondering how he will absorb Android 17, while a bus carrying a football team stops behind him. The football team gets out of the bus to make Cell move out of the road, and Cell absorbs them as he continues to think. As he is in the process of doing this, Vegeta flies overhead and he knows Vegeta must be powerful if Android 17 hasn't killed him yet. Vegeta arrives at where Piccolo, Kuririn, and Trunks are. Piccolo tells Vegeta he will explain everything when Tenshinhan arrives. Vegeta tells him to answer just one question, how it is that he is so powerful now. Trunks tells Vegeta that Piccolo has merged with Kami-sama. Vegeta gets angry at how just like that someone can become so much more powerful than a super saiyajin. Tenshinhan arrives and Piccolo tells the whole story about Cell. Piccolo also tells them that they must stop Cell from becoming his ultimate form, either by killing Cell now or destroying Android 17 or Android 18. Meanwhile, Cell has finished absorbing the football team and heads to a city to absorb more people, as the Androids continue their driving journey.

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