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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 142
Kamehameha!? The Monster Who Possesses Goku's Ki

After Piccolo has met up with the monster, we see that the monster is holding a man. The man pleads for Piccolo to help him and since he's rich, he promises to give Piccolo whatever he wants if he helps him. Piccolo tells the monster to let the man go since 'life is precious.' The monster drops the man, but then stabs him with his tail. Following that, it looks as if the monster is sucking the man's insides out. The man decomposes until he is nothing, being absorbed by the monster. The monster addresses Piccolo as 'Piccolo Daimao,' surprising Piccolo that the monster knows who he is. The monster charges up, and everyone senses different ki's coming from him (Freeza, King Cold, Vegeta, and Goku). Trunks locates them in Area 1051 of the West, which is near where they found the mysterious egg, and heads in that direction. Piccolo demands the monster to tell him who he is and how he knows his name. The monster tells him there's no point since he'll soon eat Piccolo. Piccolo smiles and tells the monster he will kill him, and powers up. Piccolo's new power shocks the monster, and Piccolo tells the monster that he is someone else now. Kuririn joins up with Trunks, and tells Trunks that the high power must be Piccolo, who must've merged with Kami-sama to become a Super Namek Sei-jin. Trunks is surprised that Piccolo is so powerful now. Meanwhile, Piccolo tells the monster that he is glad that there is no one in the city, because that way he can fight without worry, and fires an enormous blast at him. Elsewhere, Android 17 stops driving the van and he and Android 18 step out, looking in the direction that they detected high ki bursts. Android 16 gets out as well and Android 17 assumes that 16 must also have a power radar, and asks 16 why he didn't tell him about having one before. Android 16 tells him that he was never asked. Android 16 also reveals that he has no data on either of the powers, but he knows that one is powerful enough to match Android 17. Android 17 tells him that Dr. Gero must've made a mistake with 16's power radar. After everything has cleared up, the monster arises from underneath some rubble. Then, he and Piccolo duke it out for a while. Things get really strange when the monster attacks Piccolo with his own attack, the makkankansappo. Piccolo deflects it and the monster reveals that he attacked the humans to absorb their energy for himself, that he is not yet his 'Complete/Perfect form', and that he used the time machine himself. In order to use it though, he had to transform back into an egg to fit in it. Then, he shocks everyone when they detect Goku's ki as the monster charges up a kamehameha.

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