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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 141
In the Face of an Enemy Unlike Any Before... Birth of a Super Namekian!!

As Trunks and Gohan head back, they converse over the egg that was sent to their timeline four years ago. They wonder why it was sent and who could've sent it using the time machine. Meanwhile, Android 18 decides to stick with the outfit that she is trying on and leaves the store, not paying of course. The storekeeper yells at her that she has to pay and runs up to the van that she gets in. He yells for her to pay and sees Android 16 in the back of the van. Scared, he backs up and they drive the van away. He immediately calls the police and gives them their license number. Soon afterwards, the police chase after the van that the Androids are using. Android 18 leaves the moving van and punches through the hood of one car, causing it to crash. She then holds out her arms, causing the other two police cars to get massive tears in the side of them. All three of the police cars crash into each other and Android 18 flies back to the van. As Bulma is listening to the radio, there is a news interruption. The news announces that contact with West City and Ginger Town has recently been cut off. He continues, saying that police were sent to investigate, who reported that all of those cities' residents are missing. Bulma calls up the Kame House and tells Kuririn to turn on the TV. Kuririn tells Yamcha, Oolong, and Kame Sen'nin what Bulma wants them to do and she tells them it should be on any channel. When they turn it on, they find out that the clothes, jewelry, and other outer accessories of the dead are still around. Kuririn assumes it must be the Androids, but Bulma tells him she thinks it's whatever came in the other time machine. Chi Chi comes downstairs and informs them that Goku is sleeping peacefully now. She begins to watch the TV too. Then, Trunks and Gohan arrive and find out what's going on. They see the news reporters beginning to get attacked too on the TV and get worried. Meanwhile, Kami-sama tells Piccolo that it's time that they merge. Mr. Popo begins to cry in despair that Kami-sama will be gone forever. Kami-sama thanks Mr. Popo for his services that he has provided for so long, and tells him not to worry. Then, Piccolo and Kami-sama merge into one being. The one being they form says that he is no longer Piccolo or Kami-sama, but a Namek sei-jin without a name. He bids farewell to Mr. Popo and takes off to find the monster that has been killing so many people. He arrives in an empty city and hears the monster moving. Then, he finally sees the monster, who looks like a giant lizard-man with a sharp, pointy tail, green skin with black dots, and several other lizard- like features.

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