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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 140
Discovery of an Evil Egg!! Trunks' Terror

Bulma is faxed a picture that looks just like Trunks's time machine, only its all decayed. She tells him it was found around Area 1050 of the West. Trunks and Gohan go to head off to find it, and Bulma tells them she will meet them there. Trunks and Gohan leave the jet to find it. Gohan is the first to spot it, and he calls over Trunks to take a look. Then, Bulma flies over and Trunks flies off to help her get to where the time machine is at that they just found. Bulma asks Trunks how it feels to see his mother so young, and he tells her she looks just the same. She laughs happily, thinking that she keeps her youth after so many years. Trunks tosses out a capsule, which turns into the time machine that he uses. He tells Gohan and Bulma that there was only one of them built, so he has no idea how this decayed one can exist. He finds out that the message that he wrote on the side of his time machine is also on the decayed one. Then he goes inside (through a hole that was burnt through at the top) and finds a hatched egg. At Bulma's request, gives it to her to let her look at it. He looks at the time machine's console to discover that it came a year before he first arrived to defeat Freeza. Meanwhile, Kuririn, Chichi, Yamcha, Oolong, Kame Sen'nin, and Pu'ar are waiting at the Kame House for Goku to recover. The Androids head to the nearest town to get Android 18 some new clothes. Trunks turns the decayed time machine into a capsule and has Gohan do the same to his. Then, he puts the capsules away and Gohan spots something. They run over to it and find that it is some huge lizard's shedded shell. The weird thing is is that none of them have ever seen a creature like it. Trunks feels inside the shell and feels goo, realizing that it was shedded recently. They all look around afraid and then Bulma hears something and runs away screaming. Gohan and Trunks face toward a cave opening in anticipation, and a couple of small animals poke their heads out. Bulma leaves to go back to her house and Trunks and Gohan head off to go to the Kame House. Meanwhile, Kami-Sama realizes that the feeling he has had for the last four years was caused by whatever came in that decayed time machine, which is currently more powerful than the Androids. He tells his feeling of desperation and knows that something stunning is going to happen soon, so he and Piccolo have to reunite as quickly as possible.

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