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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 138
The Super Weapons Wore Tennis Shoes!! The Artificial Humans Close in on Goku

Piccolo knows that Kami-Sama knows why he has come to his palace, to reunite with him. Kami-Sama tells Piccolo that he never thought of merging with him. Piccolo tells him that they won't be merging, he will be using Kami-Sama to gain super power and that Kami-Sama's only purpose for existing now is to keep the Dragonballs in existance. Kami-Sama tells Piccolo that he is right; their difference in power is constantly getting further and further apart and he is nothing compared to Piccolo now. Mr. Popo tells Kami-Sama that he is wrong and that Kami-Sama has a job to do right now. Kami-Sama knows that no one right now has enough power to beat the Androids, not even a recovered Goku. Piccolo tells Kami-Sama that the world does not need a god right now, but a super power to stop the Androids. Kami-Sama tells Piccolo that he will wait to reunite until they see if the Androids intent is harming people. Kami-Sama tells Piccolo about how these Androids are different from the ones from Trunks's timeline, because these ones do not have the intent of causing mysery. Piccolo tells him that he will wait there for now, until Kami-Sama decides to reunite with him. Meanwhile, Tenshinhan tells Kuririn that he will go give Chaozu some special training, and leaves. As the Androids are flying, they spot a van that Android 17 wants to use. He tells Android 18 that they should drive there so as not to rush things. Android 16 picks up the van and empties its cargo, as two guys watch helplessly. Android 17 gets in the driver's seat, Android 18 in the passenger seat, and Android 16 in the back of the van, and they drive away. Meanwhile, Vegeta turns SSJ and screams with anger at how the Androids beat him and thought so little of him. While the Androids are driving, they are harassed by some biker punks. Android 17 manages to ram a few and get some to fall off their bikes. Eventually, he stops the car and Androids 17 and 18 get out. They easily block the bikers' attacks and the bikers leave when some police show up. The Androids are cuffed but easily break loose. Then, Android 18 throws their car into a mountain and they all get in the van and leave. Trunks and Kuririn finally arrive at Goku's house and Kuririn asks Trunks if the Androids really are brutal, remembering when Android 18 kissed him. Kuririn tells Chichi and Yamcha about the Androids being very powerful and on the way, so they load Goku into an airplane and take off to go to the Kame House.

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