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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 132
Give Chase!!! The Secret of Dr. Gero's Mysterious Laboratory

Bulma and Yajirobei (who is holding Chibi Trunks) arrive in the capsule jet. Android 20 realizes now is his chance to make an escape. He yells at them they will soon see the true horror of Androids when he activates 17 and 18 at his lab. Then, he fires a blast and escapes. The blast causes the Capsule Jet to go out of control. Trunks saves Bulma and Chibi Trunks and is angry that his father is looking around for Android 20, rather than helping his "wife" and son. Bulma explains to everyone that that had to've been Dr. Gero, because Android 20 looks exactly like him. She tells them where the secret lab should be. Vegeta asks Trunks to tell about the Androids from his [Trunks'] timeline. Trunks tells them they have a cold look in their eyes, Android 17 is a young male who always wears a scarf, and Android 18 is a blond girl. He also tells them that they don't need to drain someone's energy, because they have everlasting energy. Piccolo tells everyone they should destroy Androids 17 and 18 before the are activated. Vegeta tells everyone he will not be a coward like Piccolo and that he wants to fight the two Androids, because Androids 19 and 20 were no fun. Trunks tells Vegeta should do what Piccolo says, because he is underestimating how powerful the Androids are. Vegeta goes to find Dr. Gero's lab and Trunks yells 'father' when he takes off after him. Bulma wonders why Trunks said, 'father' and Piccolo tells her that there is no reason to keep the information from her anymore. He tells her Trunks is her son and is the same person that she his holding right now. Piccolo tells Gohan to take Bulma back to Goku and that he, Kuririn, and Tenshinhan are going to find Dr. Gero's lab. Yajirobei has Gohan carry him too. Dr. Gero sees Vegeta and hides, then he sees that Vegeta is going to the same way he is so it must be a coincidence. Then, he sees Trunks go the same way and he remembers Bulma, who is the daughter of Dr. Briefs of the Capsule Corporation, so he must've told her about him. When he sees Gohan, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo fly the same way, he knows they must be going to his lab to destroy the Androids before he gets there. But, he knows no one knows the exact location of his lab. So, even if he goes the long way, he'll still be able to make it there before them.

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