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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 131
A Present More Terrifying Than the Future!? Trunks's Suspicions

Android 20 decides to go for Piccolo, and jumps him from behind. Piccolo summons Gohan by using telepathy, and Gohan hits Android 20 off of Piccolo. Piccolo is given a senszu and tells Vegeta to let him fight Android 20. Then, Piccolo takes off his battle armor and attacks Android 20 with way more power than anyone expected. As Piccolo beats Android 20 around, we see that Trunks has arrived from the future and is at the town that was demolished by the Androids. Piccolo easily rips off one of Android 20's arms and beats Android 20 around some more. Then, Trunks arrives at the scene and is shocked to see Android 20. When Trunks arrives, Piccolo yells out his name, which shocks Vegeta. Trunks tells everyone that the Androids they have been fighting are not the same two Androids he was talking about. Everyone wonders who the two Androids that they've been fighting all this time are.

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