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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 32-34

Episode 32: Touchdown on Namek

The two aliens reveal the reason they were tricking Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan was to keep them busy until the planets' winds would clear up so they could steal their space ship and escape. They also knew about the dragonballs because they read their minds before they gained consciousness. But, what I want to know, was how come they didn't know the password if they read their minds?? Anyway, Krillin and Gohan can't do anything because they're being held by the giant squid monsters. Bulma is told to stop the aliens and she watches as they try to remember the password. They hear her and force the password out of her. They get on the platform and start to go into the ship, but Krillin says Piccolo again and the platform comes to the ground again. Krillin and Gohan defeat them in one hit and take off from the fake Namek, leaving the two aliens behind. Meanwhile, Vegeta has healed and he learns Freeza is at Namek trying to get the dragonballs, so Vegeta gets a scouter and races to his pod to Namek. After Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan land, their party is ruined as they see Vegeta's saiyajin space pod crash into the planet. After Bulma has a chat over the long, long distance phone with Master Roshi, they are shocked to see Kuwi's space pod land.

Episode 33: Face Off on Name

Gohan and Krillin wonder who the other high powers could be on the planet, besides Vegeta. Then we see that most of the Nameks were probably killed by Freeza and his two most powerful henchmen, Dadoria and Zarbon. Freeza has already collected most of the dragonballs and they sense a slight power reading somewhere else on Namek, and send two of Freeza's guards to see what it is. The two henchmen shoot their Namekian spaceship, causing Krillin and Gohan to get angry and kill the two henchmen. Kuwi encounters Vegeta and mocks him, thinking he has grown weak. But to his surprise, Vegeta's learned many new tricks and has in fact grown much, much stronger. Vegeta wipes out Kuwi and continues to talk to himself about how he will defeat Freeza (he continues to think this for over 30 episodes). Dadoria thinks the scouter must be broken because Vegeta's power level is so much higher than it was when he left to earth.

Episode 34: The Ruthless Frieza

When Freeza and his henchmen fly to another Namek village, Gohan, Bulma, and Krillin rush into a cave to hide, pushing their power levels low so they won't be detected. They learn Freeza is heading to get his 5th Dragonball. Gohan and Krillin sense Freeza's enormous power level, leaving Gohan terrified. Krillin and Gohan tell Bulma to stay there as they run after Freeza and his henchmen to see what they're doing. Back on earth, Goku recovers thanks to a senszu bean and takes of on Kinto'Un, leaving other people in the hospital wondering what the heck is going on. When Goku hears Gohan may be in trouble because Vegeta and higher powers are on Namek, he goes to Bulma's dad's house and boards a newly built spaceship. At first, Dr. Briefs says it's not done because it's missing a cappucino machine. Goku convinces him he doesn't care about cappucino and he learns about the gravity maching on the ship that can help him train on the way to Namek. Then, Goku heads to Namek.

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