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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 35-37

Episode 35: The Nameks Versus Freeza

In this episode, one of the elder Nameks refuses to give up his dragonball, as Freeza tells him about how all the other elder Nameks did, once he killed their friends. During the whole episode, Krillin and Gohan hide and try to keep down their power levels so they don't get picked up by Freeza and his hencmen's scouters. As Krillin and Gohan hide behind a hill far above and watch, three Nameks come to stop Freeza and his henchmen. Freeza's hencmen's scouters only read power levels of 1000 each for the three Nameks. After Freeza's guards charge the Nameks, the Nameks power up and easily defeat Freeza's guards but one, Zarbon, and Dadoria. During the fight, Dadoria reads the Nameks' power levels at 3000. He goes to fight the Nameks, but the elder Namek discovers that Freeza and his henchmen were able to track them down using their scouters, and he destroys all of the remaining ones. This angers Dadoria, and he flies up to kill the elder Namek, but Freeza yells for him to finish the three Namek warriors first. Dadoria easily kills the first two and goes to finish off the third.

Episode 36: Escape from Dadoria

After Dadoria kills the third Namek warrior, you don't see it because FUNimation censors it, but a blast goes past the elder namek and kills one of the kids, named Kargo (Dende's brother). Then, Dadoria kills the elder namek and goes for the last kid. Gohan comes to the rescue and kicks Dadoria through the wall of a Namek building. Krillin picks up the Namek kid and he and Gohan fly away. Freeza screams at Dadoria to get them and Dadoria chases after Krillin, Gohan, and the little kid, shooting at them as he gains on them in the chase. While dodging shots, Krillin accidentally lets go of the Namek kid and goes to catch him, but Dadoria grabs Krillin's leg. Krillin kicks Dadoria and gets loose, and races to catch the Namek. Gohan catches the Namek and Krillin does a solar flare to temporarily blind Dadoria. They hide as Dadoria gains his sight back. After recovering, Dadoria looks for them and then fires an enormous blast at them. Krillin, Gohan, and the Namek escape the blast, and Dadoria leaves to go back to Freeza.

Episode 37: Secrets Revealed

On his way back to Freeza, Dadoria is suddenly knocked into the water. He comes out of the water and sees Vegeta is the one who hit him in. Dadoria tells Vegeta he'll spare his life if Vegeta gives him his scouter. Vegeta agrees, but breaks it with his foot instead. Then, he tells Dadoria to go ahead and fight him and Vegeta jumps behind Dadoria and pulls back his arms. Dadoria convinces Vegeta to let him go if he tells a secret about the Planet Vegeta. Vegeta lets him go and Dadoria explains Freeza destroyed the saiyajins and their planet because the saiyajins were beginning to become a threat to Freeza. When Vegeta tells him he lied about letting him go, Dadoria cowardly flies away and Vegeta kills him. He remembers Dadoria saying earthlings were there on Namek and he uses his new detecting ability and follows a power he senses. After the Namek kid tells Krillin and Gohan his name is Dende, they sense a big power heading their way and hide. They see it's Vegeta and Vegeta just barely senses something where they're hiding. When Krillin and Gohan finally rush to face him, Vegeta senses something and a huge whale creature flies out of the water right where Gohan, Dende, and Krillin were hiding. Vegeta leaves dissapointed and heads to find a dragonball.

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