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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 1-4

Episode 1: Arrival

In this episode, a saiyajin warrior named Raditz arrives on the Earth. He is upset when he realizes "Kakkarot" has not completed his mission. Goku arrives at Master Roshi's house with his son, Gohan. Raditz comes to them and reveals Goku is Kakkarot, a Saiyajin from space and his brother, who was sent as a child to destroy earth. Raditz finds out Goku didn't carry out his mission because he hit his head as a boy. He also finds out Goku had his tail removed a long time ago. Raditz hits Goku and takes his son, giving Goku one day to kill 100 humans. After Raditz leaves, Goku and Piccolo agree to call a truce for the time being and head off to fight Raditz.

Episode 2: The World's Strongest Team

Raditz detects a high powerlevel on his scouter. When he sees that it's Gohan, he decides his scouter must be broken. When his scouter tells him two incoming powers are heading toward him he dismisses it, believing Goku wouldn't attack him so soon. However, when he discovers his scouter was correct regarding Goku and Piccolo, he realizes Gohan's reading may have been accurate. Goku and Piccolo have a tough time fighting Raditz since he's so strong and fast.

Episode 3: Gohan's Hidden Powers

After more fighting, Piccolo attempts his "special beam cannon" attack," which misses Raditz. Goku grabs Raditz by the tail but Raditz lies his way out of Goku's grasp. Raditz pins Goku down and tortures him. Gohan breaks loose of Raditz's pod and delivers a poweful blow to Raditz's chest. Afterward, Gohan loses his powers so Raditz knocks him out. When Raditz goes to kill Gohan, Goku grabs Raditz and holds him in place as Piccolo charges his "special beam cannon" attack again. Goku sacrifices his life in order to kill Raditz.

Episode 4: Goku's Unusual Journey

Piccolo tells Raditz about how they can use the Earth's dragonballs to bring Goku back to life. Raditz tells him that other Saiyajin have heard through his scouter and will soon be on their way. Raditz tells Piccolo and the others about the Saiyajin and how strong they are. Piccolo finishes off Raditz and Kuririn, Bulma, and Master Roshi arrive. After Goku dies, his body dissapears and Piccolo explains that it is the work of Kami-sama. In the afterlife, Goku meets Kami and Enma Daiô and then begins a journey in order to receive training from Kaio-sama. Bulma and Kuririn take off Raditz's scouter. Bulma decides to modify it to display powerlevels in their language. Piccolo takes Gohan to train with him so that Gohan can learn to control his power to help in the future fight agains the Saiyajin.

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