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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Vegeta died for nothing. The magician Babidi, very proud of Majin Buu's strength, is planning on getting revenge for his humiliation as soon as possible. Piccolo and Kuririn have taken Earth's last hopes, Goten and Trunks, to the safety of Dende's palace. Meanwhile, Goku has finally regained consciousness after being knocked out by Vegeta. Goku: "I can feel Majin Buu's ki, but I can't feel Vegeta's. I can't believe that he was killed. Not him... I can't feel Gohan's ki either. Piccolo and Kuririn are still alive... They must have been turned to normal. Those two should know what happened." Kuririn: "That's..." Goku: "Yo!" Kuririn: "Goku!! You're alive!"

Japanese Episode 240
A Big Hope!! The Kids' New Ultimate Attack

Piccolo informs Goku of the events that occured while he was unconscious. Goku tells everyone that he knows that he can't beat Majin Buu, but the fusion technique can. He goes on to explain that he was taught the technique by Natamorusei-jin in the afterlife. He explains that fusion is performed between two people that are of equal power and height, creating one new, super-powerful warrior. Kuririn tells Goku that he could fuse with Gohan or Vegeta in the after-life and the fused person could be brought back with the dragonballs. Piccolo tells everyone that Goku cannot be brought back again, even if he's fused. Then, Mr. Popo comes up with the idea that Trunks and Goten could fuse. Goku is happy with the idea and tells everyone that he can teach Goten and Trunks the fusion technique until he leaves. He tells Piccolo that he can take over training Goten and Trunks after he's gone. At the Briefs' house, Bulma summons Shenron. Everyone at Kami-sama's palace notices the summoning and Goku realizes that they won't be able to make new wishes for a year if Bulma and the others use them all up. Yamcha wishes for all of the people who had died that day to be brought back, except for evil-doers, and Shenron grants it. Goku teleports to them and asks Dende what he should do. Dende tells him to tell Shenron that that is all of the wishes they will need right now, and they will be able to finish the wishes in four months. Goku carries out Dende's instructions and takes everyone back with him to Kami-sama's palace, except for Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs, who decide to remain there to take care of the animals. They tell Bulma that if they are killed by Majin Buu, they can be brought back with the dragonballs.

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