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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 239
Videl's Struggle! The Search for the Dragonball

Videl asks ChiChi if they should look for Gohan before they look for the last Dragonball they need to summon Shenlong. Bulma tells them that she has no idea where to even look for Gohan and the others and she feels it is her priority to wish back the people that Vegeta killed. On the dragonball radar, Bulma sees that the last Dragonball is straight ahead. Yamcha lands terribly, causing everyone to fall all over the plane. Muten Roshi falls right in front of 18's chest and tells her that it was Yamcha's landing that caused this to happen. Then, he begins fondling her breasts while she angrily crushes his head with her hands. Eventually, she twists him enough that he goes flying into the back of the plane. Meanwhile, Kuririn and Piccolo arrive at Karin's tower, where Kuririn asks Yajirobei and Karin if they have any senszu beans on them. Yajirobei tells them that Goku took the last ones. Kuririn and Piccolo then proceed to Kami-sama's (Dende's) lookout and hand over the knocked out Trunks and Goten to Mr. Popo, who takes them inside to rest. Piccolo tells them that Trunks and Goten are their only hope now. Kuririn asks Kami-sama what happened to Goku. Dende tells him not to worry because Goku's already dead. He also tells them that he doesn't know what will happen next, which angers Piccolo because he's god now, so he should have the ability to know what is going to happen in the future. Mr. Popo returns, telling everyone that they will need to prepare food for when Trunks and Goten wake up. Kuririn and him head off together to make the food. Meanwhile, Kaioshin continues to search for Gohan and Babidee continues to ride on the back of Majin Buu, who destroys a building and later a train. Elsewhere, Bulma reaches into a nest trying to get the four-star dragonball that is in it. A giant tongue licks her and she turns around to see that it is a giant dragon. Videl flies up to help and Bulma dodges the dragon's next tongue swipe, resulting in it eating the nest, along with the Dragonball. The dragon then flies away and Yamcha hits it with an energy blast, resulting in the dragon falling into the water below. Bulma tells Yamcha to go after it, but Yamcha says that he doesn't want to go in with his expensive suit and that he can't take it off and go in because he's wearing skimpy trunks. Muten Roshi tells them that he can't go in because he has a cold. 18 tells them that she can't go in because they should know how she is with water. ChiChi goes to go in after the dragon, but Videl jumps in instead. ChiChi yells for her to be careful, because she and Gohan need to get married. In the water, Videl's hits are unsuccessful in causing harm to the dragon. She flies out of the water to get air, while ChiChi and Yamcha jump in and help Videl with the dragon. 18 kicks Muten Roshi off of the cliff and he farts (or something like that) in the dragon's face, as the dragon comes out of the water. This causes the dragon to sneeze the dragonball out, and into Muten Roshi's face. Elsewhere, Goku wakes up from unconsciousness and realizes that Vegeta knocked him out and took his last senszu. He realizes that he can't feel Gohan's or Vegeta's ki, but can feel Piccolo's and Kuririn's, which means that Piccolo and Kuririn are no longer stone. He heads off to them to find out what is going on. At Kami-sama's lookout, Kuririn, Mr. Popo, Kami-sama, and Piccolo are walking out from inside. Piccolo tells them that it will be about an hour until Trunks and Goten regain consciousness. Kuririn tells them that he is unhappy that Vegeta and Gohan are dead, as well as the fact that they have no idea what happened to Goku. Kuririn gets permission from Kami-sama to bring their families there, where they will be safer from Majin Buu. When he goes to call them there, Goku arrives. They all rejoice that Goku is alright and Kami-sama heals him.

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