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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 149
How I Have Waited for this Day!! Cell's Prologue to Perfection

Android 17 tells Piccolo that he now knows Piccolo isn't the old Piccolo anymore, but doesn't care because all he wants to know is where Goku is. Piccolo refuses to tell him and 17 starts to trash Piccolo for a little while, until Piccolo dodges his attacks. Piccolo tells him his speed is great but his hits lack strength behind them. The battle begins to really intensify between Piccolo and 17, as 17 actually has to struggle to fight him. 18 knows that Piccolo is very strong and an equal to 17. During the fight, lava starts to erupt for the island's volcano because of the shockwaves their fight is creating. Meanwhile, at Kame Sen'nin's house, Kuririn senses Cell approaching. Bulma finally finishes the android kill switch device. Meanwhile, Piccolo throws 17 into the water, jumping in after him. Android 17 charges up and shoots at Piccolo, who returns a blast, sending water everywhere. They continue to fight out of the water and Androids 16 and 18 follow them. Meanwhile, Bulma tells Kuririn over the phone that she has finished the device. She explains that the androids were built with a kill switch. When activated, it shuts down their body functions. Kuririn is hesitant because he remembers when Android 18 kissed him. At Kami-sama's tower, Goku speaks to himself, saying for Vegeta to hurry up and get done training because if Cell becomes Perfect, all hope will be lost. Android 17 tells Piccolo their power levels are equal, but Piccolo does not have infinite stamina like how he does. Then, Piccolo begins to sweat because Cell has landed nearby.

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