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Welcome to the Links section: a list of websites that I feel you may find useful.

Anime Websites

Anime on DVD - A website devoted to anime on DVD. Up-to-date news and TONS of anime DVD reviews. - I used to read posts here ALL of the time. In fact, I think I spent an entire month one summer just reading Evangelion threads, from when I woke up until I went to bed. Anyway, go here and post.

Daimao's Website - Home of the definitive DBZ episode guide and Doom Z. In case you don't know who this guy is, he's Steven J. Simmons, the man behind FUNimation's Dragonball DVDs' Japanese audio's english subtitles.

Daizenshuu EX - One of the best Dragonball websites remaining. Him, Greg, and Meri are the last of the past elites that still update their websites. I miss the old days...

DBC:WDC - Some of the funniest stuff I've ever read. These guys are friggin hilarious. Too bad they don't archive their old main page content.

DBZ Uncensored - Chris Psaros is a genius. This used to be one of the most popular Dragonball Z websites; and rightly so. I'm so glad this content is still around to go back and read.

DBZ Warriors - FANTASTIC music videos as well as other cool stuff.

The Grand Line - The new version of The Ultimate DBZ Info Site, contains not only all the Dragonball info but information and observations about Japanese culture. I look forward to future updates at this site! - The best Berserk page I've seen yet. MAKE SURE to check out their BBS, which is the best way to keep up with the latest manga releases (volumes and Young Animal chapters).

SREDBZ - A very old school site. In fact, I think they stopped updating when I first became a member of the DB community. I'm glad their website still exists and am still grateful that they linked to me.

Temple 'O Trunks - Unbelievably high amount of Dragonball content here. Also the source of some very nice anime music videos. One of the last survivors of the Dragonball Golden Age.


Albino Blacksheep - A bunch of funny movieclips, flash animation, jokes, and other stuff are found here. I highly recommend checking out the "How to Kill a Mockingbird" flash animation!

eBaum's World - The definitive comedy website. Most of the funny stuff I've come across on the internet has been archived here. I recommend checking out the images, flash animation, and soundboards. - Tons of funny flash animation. Make sure to check out the Strongbad Emails and Teen Girl Squad shorts. - American celebrities in Japanese commercials. I recommend checking out Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nicholas Cage.

The Official Ninja Webpage - this site is funny. REAL FUNNY. My name is James and I can't stop thinking about this site. It's cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.

SNL's Deep Thoughts - if you haven't heard or read one of these before, you are missing out. - lots of hilarious, violent flash animation. Doesn't seem to be updated much anymore though.

Tenchi Muyo in a Nutshell - a pretty funny flash animation about the Tenchi Muyo OVA.

Weebls Stuff - a crazy website, loaded with funny flash animations; home of Badgers. All of the toons are worth checking out.


Anime Nation - Home of Ask John and various anime goodies. I recommend buying Berserk manga here. - I've bought a tons of stuff here. They're quite reliable from my past experiences with them.

CD Japan - tons of Japanese movies and CD's can be found here. Unfortunately, everything is overpriced... probably because it's coming overseas.

Dark Horse Comics - an alternative website to buy English-translated Berserk manga.

DBGoten's Trading Zone - lots of stuff available here. I bought a TON of Dragonball Z fansubs here, back when the DBZ DVD's were new.

Other Cool Stuff

Absolute Idols - perhaps the greatest website of all time. Make sure to have a popup-blocker, because this site is full of them!

AFI's Official Website - my favorite band. - a fantastic Diablo 2 website. This is my source for D2 news and information.

Gackt Lyric Translation Index - Gackt has made some AMAZING music. I don't know what I'd do without this website. Now I can memorize the lyrics to his songs! Kudos to you, Minako-chan!

Internet Movie Database - tons of info about movies, actors, and more.

Kiki's Kanji Dictionary - a real useful website for looking up kanji definitions.

Pennywise's Official Website - one of my favorite bands.

World of Warcraft - the official website for World of Warcraft, which is perhaps the greatest game of all time.

Download Stepmania here and sign up for an account and download the songs (bundled in Bumper Packs) here. Now you can play DDR on your computer!

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