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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 47-49

Episode 47: Scramble for the Dragonballs

Since Bulma doesn't know where the dragonballs are, Freeza's henchmen go to take her to Freeza. After she gets out of their hold and falls, they catch her and set her down. She tells them what the dragonballs are and convinces them to try to get the dragonballs for themselves. She takes them back to the crab and its eggs and tells them that the eggs are the dragonballs. As they're trying to pull some of the eggs off, she turns off her pod's lights and takes the real dragonball with her back to the surface. They start to chase her, but the crab attack them. After she makes it to the surface, they come out after her but the crab comes out to, grabbing them and pulling them underwater. When Krillin and Gohan stop their break and start to head for Guru's again, Vegeta senses them and follows.

Episode 48: Arrival of the Ginyu Force

Goku finally conquers 100 times earth's gravity and turns the gravity controller back to normal. He feels how much power he has gained and is amazed. On Namek, when Krillin and Gohan finally reach Guru's, Krillin senses Vegeta following them and has Gohan go on ahead while he distracts Vegeta. Vegeta thinks Krillin has hid his dragonball at Guru's and heads there. But when Vegeta gets there, Gohan gets his hidden powers are released, and Gohan steps out. Vegeta is astounded at Gohan's power, but laughs when he realizes that Gohan does have alot of power, but barely has any fighting experience. Then, everyone finds out a powerful force is very close to Namek. They think it's Goku until Vegeta senses it's the Ginyu Force. Nail reveals that Namek's dragonballs give three wishes, rather than one. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta call a "temporary truce" to get the dragonballs together as soon as possible, before the Ginyu Force arrives. After getting the last dragonball from Bulma, the Ginyu Force finally arrive next to Freeza's spaceship.

Episode 49: Elite Fighters of the Universe... The Ginyu Force

After doing their introduction dance, Jeice hands over the scouters that Freeza had requested. Freeza tells them their mission is to bring back Vegeta alive and kill the earthlings. Vegeta brings Krillin and Gohan to the other 6 dragonballs, but they refuse to give their dragonball to Vegeta. When Vegeta goes to hit Krillin, the Ginyu Force land behind them, in front of the dragonballs. Vegeta hurls the dragonball he was holding away, but Baata retrieves it with his super speed. Krillin goes to destroy his, but Gurudo freezes time and takes it from him. Baata, Jeice, Recoom, and Gurudo do rock, paper, scissors to decide who fights Vegeta. Recoom wins and Ginyu takes the dragonballs to Freeza. Recoom lets Gurudo fight Gohan and Krillin. Krillin and Gohan then begin to charge up, surprising the Ginyu Force. They fly up into the air and begin to launch an attack on Gurudo.

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