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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 44-46

Episode 44: A Heavy Burden

While Goku's training under 50 times gravity, Goku is suddenly unable to move. Dr. Briefs contacts him and tells him he's going through a magnetic storm. He tells him that the gravity will vary constantly from 1-100 times earth's gravity and it will last for about an hour. While Bulma's sitting outside, Krillin lands next to her with the one-star dragonball. Then, they are shocked to see Vegeta land next. Then, Zarbon arrives after Vegeta. While Bulma admires Zarbon, Vegeta challenges him to a fight. While Zarbon and Vegeta fight, Krillin and Bulma attempt to run away, but they are shot at by Vegeta. Then, Zarbon transforms so he can defeat Vegeta in the hour given to him by Freeza. Meanwhile, Goku attempts to get down and turn the gravitron back to normal. Unfortunately, he is stuck, with his feet tied to the ceiling. After doing a kaioken so he can spin fast enough, the connnection to the roof breaks and he falls to the floor, touching the control panel of the gravity machine. But, it does nothing and he eventually crawls to it and gets the gravity back down to normal. He decides that the only way they'll have a chance on Namek is if he trains under 100 times gravity.

Episode 45: Immortality Denied

After Vegeta kills Zarbon in their fight, Krillin is forced to give Vegeta his dragonball. Back at Freeza's base, the Ginyu Force head off to Namek. Kaio senses the Ginyu Force and explain to Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chaozu that the Ginyu Force are extremely powerful and are the elite, secret force of Freeza. On Namek, Gohan senses Vegeta coming his way and hides the four-star dragonball that he has. He confronts Vegeta before Vegeta flushes him out with a blast. He lies to Vegeta that the dragon radar is an antique watch and since Vegeta's in a "good mood," he only slams his knee into Gohan's stomach and leaves. Gohan realizes that Vegeta never found the dragonball he was hiding and heads back to Bulma and Krillin. When Vegeta goes into the lake where Gohan took the dragonball from, he discovers that it's not there and that Gohan was hiding the dragonball from him. Furious, he leaves in pursuit of Gohan.

Episode 46: Big Trouble for Bulma

After Vegeta has searched for Gohan, he decides to wait in a crevasse with his six dragonballs to avoid being seen by Freeza. Meanwhile, Krillin and Gohan head to Guru's to awaken Gohan's hidden powers. After a series of earthquakes because of Freeza's fireballs, Bulma's dragonball rolls into a lake. She decides to leave it there until Krillin and Gohan get back, but then the dragon radar shown that the dragonball is moving. She gets into a capsule sub to go after it and finds out that a monster was carrying it. She fires a torpedo at it and the monster drops it. When she sees a pearl that a clam is holding, she tries to pull it out instead of the dragonball. The clam closes and digs into the sand, causing a big whirlpool which sucks the dragonball and Bulma into it. She submerges into a deep part of the lake/ocean and finds the dragonball mixed in with a bunch of balls that look just like it. When she tugs on one of them, it turns out to be a crab and its eggs. The crab attacks her and breaks her submarine, but she escapes in a robot escape pod. The crab stops attacking her once its eggs start hatching and a rock pillar starts to fall on the crab. Bulma jumps under it and holds it while the crab gets out of the way. She then grabs the dragonball and heads back to the surface. When she gets out of the pod and starts to walk back to her crevasse between two huge rocks, she is stopped by two of Freeza's guards.

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