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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Majin Buu has searched space for Goku and the others. Finally, he got to the holy Dai Kaio-sama's planet. Kaioshin: "Buu will destroy Dai Kaio-sama's planet too!" Vegeta: "His target is us. Make him notice we're here by using our auras." Goku: "That's right! Yes." Finally, the battle over the universe with Majin Buu will take place at the holy sphere.

Japanese Episode 279
Seize the Future!! The Big Battle over the Universe

Goku tells Kaioshin to take everyone to a safe place, since he doesn't want anyone hurt in the battle to come. The Elder Kaioshin tells Goku that he's giving up trying to tell Goku what to do, but wishes him luck in defeating Majin Buu. Goku thanks him and gives Dende a thumbs up and Kaioshin teleports them to a lower-world planet, far away. The Elder Kaioshin is satisfied it's all grass instead of rocks and sets up the crystal ball. Kaioshin asks him if they can win and he says that he thinks so, as long as they fight together. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Goku and Vegeta do a rock-scissors-paper type thing to see who goes first and Goku wins. This makes the Elder Kaioshin angry, since they'd stand much more of a chance fighting together. Vegeta turns to normal and goes away to watch. Goku tells him that he could've beaten the fat Majin Buu at the Super Saiya-jin 3 stage, but wanted to give the kids a chance to save the Earth. He then finds that Vegeta didn't hear him the whole time because he's already gone elsewhere to watch. Also to Goku's dismay, Buu has fallen asleep. Goku remembers the Earth exploding and declares that he's never going to forgive Majin Buu. When he angrily transforms into Super Saiya-jin 2, Buu awakens and starts beating his own chest, like an ape. As Buu does this, Kaioshin realizes he left Mr. Satan on Kaioshin Kai and the Elder Kaioshin tells him not to worry about it. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan hears Buu and crawls over to where he can see what's going on. Once there, Mr. Satan sees Goku and Buu and wonders where everyone else went when he meets up with his dog again. On Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Kuririn and Yamcha watch what's going on through Kaio-sama. Kaio-sama explains that Buu didn't destroy the planet they're on because he wanted to get to Goku as soon as possible. The Western Kaio-sama walks up and asks what's going on and Kaio-sama tells him to watch Kaioshin Kai to see. Paikuhan and Olive put their hands on Western Kaio-sama's back and watch what's happening as well. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Goku gets angry at Buu's ritual and attacks. Goku starts off by hitting Buu around, following up by a powerful blast. Buu's pieces come back together and he laughs at Goku, so Goku goes to fight him again but Buu arrives at Goku first and hits him. The battle between the two continues with both landing good hits on one another and either dodging each other's blasts or firing blasts at the same time. As Vegeta watches and Mr. Satan watches, still thinking he's in a dream, Buu starts to gain the edge in the fight. Eventually, Buu fires a blast at Goku, who manages to hurl it up into the air. Buu goes to follow up but Goku dodges his attack. Buu then wraps his headpiece around Goku's throat and swings him around, eventually tossing him into a mountain. Majin Buu flies up and lands on top of where Goku was thrown and resumes beating his chest. As Buu stands over the crack made in the mountain, Goku powers up, causing the mountain to crumble apart. At Dai Kaio-sama's planet, the Western Kaio-sama is amazed at how great the fight is. He knows who Goku is, but gets freaked out when Kaio-sama explains who the other is. Back at Kaioshin Kai, Majin Buu vanishes and comes down on top of Goku. The battle then continues, with each hitting each other, but eventually Buu powers up another energy ball above his head. Goku declares that he's not just going to stand there and watch, firing a blast at Buu. Unfortunately, the blast is sucked into Buu's and Buu expands it and hurls it at Goku. Goku manages to catch it and push it up into the sky, but it ends up going around the entire planet and back down above Goku. Goku dodges the energy, which goes into the planet. This begins to cause tremors all over the place as the sky turns very dark and the ground starts opening up. Eventually, the planet stops going through the destruction process, but the ground has been distorted all over the place, with some rock-mountains reaching high altitudes. We also see that Mr. Satan, his dog, and Vegeta are fine. The Elder Kaioshin tells Kaioshin not to worry about what just happened, because Goku was just measuring his opponent. Sure enough, Goku determines that this Buu has much more power, speed, and an improved recovery ability over the old Majin Buu. Goku then goes Super Saiya-jin 3 and declares that the battle has just begun.

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