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Recap: Goku and Vegeta purposefully let themselves get absorbed by Majin Buu in order to save Gohan and the others. However, something's been waiting for them. They've been attacked by one trap after another. Will they be able to safely find Gohan and the others? Vegeta: "What are you doing Kakarotto?! Burn those things up!" Goku: "I know, but I can't move!" Vegeta: "Kakarotto!"

Japanese Episode 274
Nightmare or Illusion!? Goku and Gohan's Father-Son Battle

Goku almost gets eaten by the giant worm when he powers up and fries the creatures all over him. This power-up also causes the worm to fall over backwards and lie motionless. Vegeta tells Goku that it was stupid to power up so much because now Buu has to know they're there. Goku tells Vegeta that he thought he didn't power up much at all. Suddenly, another giant worm comes from behind and rushes to his "brother." He finds his brother lying motionless and calls for his dad, giving Goku and Vegeta a bad feeling. In a little while, the father of the worms arrives. The little worm that was hurt gets back up and tells its dad to look at what was done to him. Vegeta gets angry at all the worms and fires blasts at the father, who unfortunately eats all of the energy. Both of the worms tell their dad to avenge them by fighting. As Goku and Vegeta prepare to fight, the father worm hits his kids and gets angry about how he told them not to pick on those that are smaller than them. The father then gets close to Goku and Vegeta and apologizes for his children's actions. As Vegeta tells Goku he's gonna kill the worm if it gets any closer to him, Goku asks the father if he's seen anyone around that looks like them [Goku and Vegeta]. One of the little worms tells Goku that he's seen a green person like him. Meanwhile, Majin Buu turns a rock-mountain into a portable toilet and rushes inside. Dende and Mr. Satan wonder why he suddenly created a toilet and Dende guesses it's because he has the runs. Mr. Satan decides it's a good opportunity to defeat Buu and marches over. Dende tries to stop him until suddenly they smell what's going on in the portable toilet and fall over unconscious. Meanwhile, inside of Buu, the little worm points upward for where he saw Piccolo. Goku tries to ask it more when water suddenly flushes them all away. Goku and Vegeta overhear the worms saying it's 'toilet time,' so they escape the fluid by flying out of it and back in the direction they came from. Vegeta flies through the ceiling above them and goes through it, with Goku following behind. Meanwhile, Buu finishes using the toilet and walks away, wondering how so many powerful warriors came about on the Earth while he was sealed away by Babidi, but shrugs it off from the knowledge that they're all part of his power now. Inside of Buu, Goku and Vegeta have arrived in his head. When they come to a fork in the road, Vegeta goes right and tells Goku to go left, since he doesn't like working with him anyway. Goku reluctantly does so and eventually finds Gohan. Meanwhile, Vegeta finds Goten and Trunks and is glad to see they're safe. He tells them to follow him and turns around to leave when strangely, they fuse and turn into Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks. On Kaioshin's planet, Kaioshin rejoices that Gotenks and Gohan have been found but the Elder Kaioshin knows that something is wrong when Gotenks fuses. Back inside of Buu, Gohan attacks Goku by kicking him. Elsewhere, Gotenks attacks Vegeta, causing Vegeta to immediately realize that it's not really Gotenks. Vegeta declares he's not going to hold back since it's not them and goes Super Saiya-jin, when Piccolo gets him in a headlock from behind. Up on Kaioshin's planet, the Elder Kaioshin realizes that the Gotenks, Gohan, and Piccolo that are fighting Goku and Vegeta must be Buu's memories of them. Back inside of Buu's head, Goku tells "Gohan" that he knew it wasn't him by the look in his eyes, even though he realizes their power is the same. Goku then goes Super Saiya-jin and knocks Gohan down. Outside, Dende watches Majin Buu as Mr. Satan's dog brings Mr. Satan back into consciousness. They both watch as Majin Buu decides to go eat something before he destroys the Earth. Mr. Satan laughs at Buu for running away because he's there but Dende critically stares at him, returning Mr. Satan to normal. Dende tells Mr. Satan they should follow Buu since it won't make a difference where they are when Buu destroys the Earth. Mr. Satan objects but Dende picks him up and brings him along anyway. Inside of Majin Buu, Vegeta defeats Piccolo and Gotenks by getting Piccolo to accidentally fire his Makankosappo at Gotenks while he hits Piccolo with a blast. When Vegeta turns back to normal, he gasps to see Gotenks and Piccolo standing again, ready to fight. Meanwhile, Gohan and Goku fire kamehameha's at each other and the explosion destroys the wall that stands between Goku and Vegeta's fights. Vegeta and Goku stand back to back, facing their opponents. Outside, Majin Buu lands in a city where he smells cake while Dende, Mr. Satan, and Mr. Satan's dog follow. Back inside of Buu, Gotenks, Gohan, and Piccolo close in on Goku and Vegeta. Majin Buu finds a shop with tons of different types of cake, which causes Goku and Vegeta to luck out since Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks turn into cake. Up on Kaioshin's planet, the Elder Kaioshin explains to Kaioshin that since Majin Buu is only thinking about cake now, the memories of Gohan, Gotenks, and Piccolo have temporarily been replaced. Dende, Mr. Satan, and Mr. Satan's dog walk down the street looking for Buu. Suddenly, they notice that Buu's in a shop that they're walking next to so they take cover behind a car and watch him. Meanwhile, in Majin Buu Vegeta finds a tunnel that leads to Piccolo, sealed in a cocoon with only his face sticking out. Goku feels Piccolo's face and is happy to report that he's still alive. Goku then notices Gohan, Goten, and Trunks sealed in cocoons as well.

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