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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Majin Buu began to show a surprising amount of kindness. However, two gun shots changed everything. Majin Buu: "Satan! ...Run away! Go far away or you'll die!!" Buu's strong anger gave birth to a new, pure evil Majin Buu. There are two Majin Buu's. What's going to happen to the Earth?

Japanese Episode 255
Who Will Win!? The Battle Between the Good and Evil Buu's

The new, evil Majin Buu and the old Majin Buu ask each other who they are. As Mr. Satan and the evil guy's partner watch from different places, the old Majin Buu attacks the evil Majin Buu, but is unable to hit him. The evil Buu hits Majin Buu a distance away, but the old Buu stops himself and takes a part of his stomach off. He throws the part at the evil Buu successfully and gets it to squeeze him until the evil Buu breaks it into pieces by escaping its grasp. The evil Buu inhales the parts and starts to chew them. On Kami-sama's palace, Dende and Piccolo continue to watch. Piccolo notices that the new Majin Buu appears to be the expelled evil of the old one. He also determines that the old Majin Buu doesn't stand a chance against the new one, since most of his strength went into him. He yells at Goten and Trunks to perfect their fusion by training more. Goten and Trunks protest since they just got back and wanted a break and since they were so powerful as Super Saiya-jin Gotenks. Piccolo yells that they need to finish training as soon as possible, before the new Majin Buu destroys everything. He suddenly notices that Chi Chi and Bulma are in front of him, and they scold him for being so harsh to them, arguing that Goten and Trunks are just kids, he can't bully Goten around now that Goku's gone, and if they do nothing but train until the fight, they'll be too exhausted to fight well. Piccolo reluctantly allows Goten and Trunks a break, but tells them their training will be harder than ever when they're done. Bulma and Chi Chi yell to them not to let Piccolo bully them around as Goten and Trunks run elsewhere in the palace to get something to eat. Back on Earth, as Dende and Piccolo watch, the evil Majin Buu overwhelms the old Buu with his power by dodging or blocking his blasts. Eventually, the old Majin Buu gets fed up with getting beat around and fires a ray at the evil Majin Buu to turn him into chocolate. The evil Buu takes a deep breath and blows the ray back at the old Buu, turning him into chocolate instead. When the evil Buu eats the chocolate, he goes through an extreme power-up. To everyone's horror, he transforms into yet another Majin Buu, which looks like a pink, muscular version of the thin Buu. When it looks like he's gone calm and perhaps gotten tired, Buu suddenly screams in fury, causing a shockwave that can be felt rather well at Kami-sama's palace. Mr. Satan and the dog are blown far away again and the evil guy's partner is blown back against the rock mountain behind him. Even Goku, Gohan, and the others on Kaioshin's planet are able to feel the great ki of the new evil Buu. However, the old Kaioshin looks unphased as he laughs from manga he's reading and continues to give Gohan his power-up. At Kami-sama's palace, Piccolo explains what has happened to Kuririn, who nervously asks Piccolo if they have anything to worry about, since Goku said fusion would cause Goten and Trunks to become the strongest fighter in the universe. Back on the Earth, Buu spots the evil guy's partner, who climbs the rock mountain and fires a machine gun at him. The bullets fly through Buu, but his woulds heal. The evil Majin Buu then transforms into a liquidy form and he forces his way down the man's throat, eventually causing him to blow apart. Buu reforms and sees Mr. Satan, before he ducks down behind some rubble. Smiling, he flies over to attack Mr. Satan, but stops when he realizes who he is. Mr. Satan eventually opens his eyes and looks around. When he doesn't see Buu, he laughs and declares that he must've ran away because he realized it would be useless to fight the strongest person on the Earth. To his horror, he sees Majin Buu hovering above him. Majin Buu slowly says, "Sa-ta-n" and flies away, leaving a very grateful Mr. Satan alone. As he flies away from the area, Piccolo tells Dende that their only hope is to train Goten and Trunks hard after their break. Then, Majin Buu unexpectedly flies to Karin Tower and up to Kami-sama's palace. As everyone panics, Piccolo realizes that the new Majin Buu must be able to sense their ki's. Suddenly Majin Buu arrives, laughing and hovering above Piccolo, Dende, Mr. Popo, Yamcha, and Kuririn. Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks are taking a nap, since they recently finished eating a big meal.

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