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Recap: Majin Buu has destroyed most of the cities of the Earth and has terrorized the population. Mr. Satan: "Why do you kill people and destroy their houses?" Majin Buu: "Because it's fun." Mr. Satan: "You shouldn't do that. I mean, kill people and destroy stuff. No! That's okay if you like that!" Majin Buu: "Do you think I should stop?" Mr. Satan: "Well..." Majin Buu: "Okay, I won't any more." Mr. Satan: "You won't kill anymore? You won't destroy any more? I did it!!!" Unfortunately at this time that an odd change has come over Majin Buu's heart... a single shot fired by a fool changed everything.

Japanese Episode 254
Run Away Mr. Satan!! The Wrathful Majin Buu Appears

The evil guy who shot Buu's and Mr. Satan's dog reveals himself, shouting that that's one down. His partner/servant tells him he sees Mr. Satan and wonders why he's there with Majin Buu. The evil guy tells him that it doesn't matter because they can just kill them both and become the new world heros. Then they use their rocket launchers on Buu and Mr. Satan. After three rockets are fired, they watch to see the smoke clear and are shocked to see Majin Buu still standing. An enraged Majin Buu begins to walk toward the two guys when he stops after seeing Mr. Satan jump out behind them and ambush them. Mr. Satan kicks the partner down the cliff. The evil guy starts to pull out another weapon but Mr. Satan hits him several times and knocks him down the cliff as well. Cursing the fools, Mr. Satan walks toward the shot dog and kneels down. When he starts to pick it up, he sees the dog's paw twitching and realizes it's still alive. Mr. Satan yells to Buu that it's still barely alive and Majin Buu rushes over. He asks Buu if he can still heal him and Buu tells him he can heal anyone as long as they're not dead. Buu successfully heals the dog and they rejoice with one another, jumping up and down yelling happily. Up at Kami-sama's palace, we see that Piccolo and Kami-sama have been watching what has been happening with Majin Buu. Piccolo wonders what's going on with him and Dende tells him that maybe they won't have to fight Buu afterall. Piccolo decides that even if they don't have to, Majin Buu is still dangerous so they will need to be ready just in case. Back on the Earth, Buu and Mr. Satan play with the dog and everything looks like it's back to normal. Buu rebuilds the house and makes it look like a dog this time. Further pleasing Mr. Satan, Buu tells him that he built him his own room. When they go inside Buu shows the dog his own room and they laugh as they see how happy the dog becomes. Up on Kaioshin's planet, the old Kaioshin is watching a bunch of women doing aerobics on TV and Gohan wonders if what he's doing is right for the Earth. The old Kaioshin asks him if that's what he was just thinking and assures him that it is. He then asks Gohan if Bulma is beautiful, remembering Goku's promise and Gohan asks him if he should be concentrating more on powering him up. The old Kaioshin scolds Gohan, telling him if such things diverted his concentration then he would have no right to call himself a Kaioshin. Gohan reassures him, telling him that Bulma is very beautiful. This inspires the old Kaioshin into telling Gohan that he's going to really concentrate now, which causes Gohan to fall over. Back on the Earth, as Mr. Satan cooks for Majin Buu and the dog, he is very pleased that Buu is just like a kid and won't kill anymore. When he finishes cooking, he throws the food into the air to catch back in the pan, but it falls on his head. Afterward, as he serves food to Majin Buu and the dog, Buu tells him that he can eat too if he wants, making Mr. Satan really happy. Meanwhile, at Kami-sama's palace, Piccolo lectures Goten and Trunks for going off on their own after the fusion wore off, since they don't have any time to spare. He explains that he didn't even have to watch to know they were playing around because it took them longer than 30 minutes to come back. Back on Earth, Mr. Satan goes to scrub Buu's back while he takes a bath with the dog, but Buu tells him he can join them if he wants. Surprised, Mr. Satan walks over to get in but slips on a bar of soap and falls into the tub. He apologizes to Buu, but Buu smiles and tells him it was fun. Mr. Satan admits that it was kind of fun and then Buu goes over to him and pushes him into the water for long periods of time, saying that it's fun too. After the bath, Mr. Satan goes to his room and lies down. While he's lying there, he notices his bag and goes over to it and opens it. He takes out the picture of Majin Buu and tears it up, angry at himself for abusing Buu's pure heart. Mr. Satan then hears Majin Buu call for food and he tells him he'll have some cooked soon. As he's cooking, he and Majin Buu chant "good food." As he does so, he looks up and is startled to see the evil guy from earlier, standing across the room from him with a pistol. The evil guy tells Mr. Satan that he is disgusted that he's become a traitor, living with Majin Buu. Mr. Satan curses him and quickly moves toward him to attack, but isn't fast enough. The evil guy fires the gun and Mr. Satan is hit in the heart. Buu hears the shot and is shocked to find Mr. Satan lying on the floor, with blood coming out of his mouth. Suddenly, Buu clutches his head as steam starts to creep from his exhaust holes. Struggling, Buu forces himself to heal Mr. Satan since he's still alive. Mr. Satan's eyes suddenly pop open and he is amazed that he's alive. He thanks Majin Buu, but notices that Buu seems to be having some sort of anger attack. Buu tells Mr. Satan to hurry and get away or he'll die, but Mr. Satan walks up to him and asks him what he means. Buu suddenly yells at him to leave and Mr. Satan grabs the dog and runs away. Buu yells at him to go further and Mr. Satan does so. As the evil guy watches and Mr. Satan watches from far away, Buu stumbles out of the house and releases a mass of steam into the sky which eventually forms into a gray, thin Buu. The narrator explains that due to the pure anger Majin Buu felt, the evil inside him grew, becoming the other Buu. Now, there are two Buu's: one that is pure evil and one that is pure good. The evil Buu spots the guy that shot Mr. Satan and the dog and flies up to him. The evil guy shoots the evil Buu multiple times, but it doesn't phase the evil Buu one bit. The evil Buu then puts his hand in front of the evil guy's face and disintegrates him away with an enormous blast. Mr. Satan, holding the dog, is blown far away as Dende and Piccolo watch from high above. Dende wonders what has happened and Piccolo watches in horror. The evil Buu flies up to Buu and they stare each other down, the fat one having a mixed look of terror and anger on his face and the evil one being totally calm.

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