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Recap: In merely one day Majin Buu has destroyed 80% of the Earth. But the Earth still had one more hope left. The World Champion, Mr. Satan, has challenged Majin Buu. Majin Buu: "You're fun, you can be my servant." Mr. Satan: "Thank you very much. Enjoy yourself now fat boy! I'm going to get you back for this!"

Japanese Episode 253
I'm Not Going to Kill Anymore!! Majin Buu Promises to be Good

On Kaioshin's planet, Goku asks Kaioshin if he really thinks the powering up is going to work. Kaioshin is not entirely sure, but he tells him not to worry because the Elder Kaioshin looked very confident in himself. As Gohan is going through the powering up process, he notices that the old Kaioshin is sleeping and wakes him up. The old Kaioshin tells him it may look like that to the uninitiated, but a Kaioshin would never lie and he really is powering him up. Gohan then begins to worry if he really is going to get a power-up from the whole ordeal. At Kami-sama's palace Piccolo has Goten and Trunks begin trying to fuse as Super Saiya-jin. Before they begin, he tells them not to let it go to their head like last time if their fusion is a success. He reminds them that they know just how powerful Majin Buu is now. They laugh nervously when they remember being easily defeated. When he has them transform, they become Super Saiya-jin and Piccolo reports that their ki's are the same. As everyone awaits nervously, they begin the fusion dance. After they fuse, everyone knows that they did it perfectly because they are so surprised by Gotenks' humongous ki. When everything clears up, Piccolo tells him that he has amazing ki but wonders if they have the moves to match it. Gotenks tells him that doing so would destroy the place they're at, so they should do it on earth. Piccolo tells Gotenks to wait, but he immediately takes off and flies downward. Piccolo follows and Kuririn is dissapointed to see that Gotenks still has a huge ego. As Piccolo follows Gotenks, he is amazed by his speed. Gotenks circles the planet several times and eventually stops. He then decides to take a nap while he waits for Piccolo to arrive. Elsewhere, an elderly couple are retreating to the mountains to take refuge from living in the city, where they would eventually be attacked by Majin Buu. However, they are not alone in their journey as we see some evil guy aiming a gun at the lady's head. When he gets a good aim, he pulls the trigger, killing her. Her husband then runs up to her, wandering what happened. The guy that shot the woman tells his servant not to worry about it because Majin Buu's going to kill everyone anyway. He tells him just to pretend that Majin Buu killed him. He then orders his servant to kill the man. The servant eventually gets himself to do it and they leave to head to the city to kill some more. Elsewhere, Piccolo finally catches up with Gotenks, who is still lying there. Gotenks tells him that he can tell from his incredible speed that he has great power. Piccolo agrees, so Gotenks tells him that they don't need to train anymore then and that he's going to go and take care of Majin Buu. Piccolo yells for him to stop, but Gotenks takes off anyway. We then learn from Piccolo that Gotenks only has one minute of fusion left. As Gotenks quickly flies to Majin Buu, he declares that the fight's not going to be anything like the last one. He then arrives at Majin Buu's house and yell for him to show his ugly face. Suddenly, they unfuse and stare at each other suprised. They hear Majin Buu yelling for who's insulting him and they take off before Majin Buu comes out of his house. Mr. Satan walks up next to Majin Buu and tells him that he told him he was hearing things, since no one would ever want to make fun of him. Later on, Mr. Satan is reading a sad story to Majin Buu and starts to sniffle, when Majin Buu starts laughing, saying that the story's really funny and he's having a good time. Later we see Majin Buu stepping outside and Mr. Satan asks him where he's going. Majin Buu tells him he's going to kill some more and asks Mr. Satan if he wants to come. Mr. Satan quickly refuses, saying he's going to cook for him instead, while he's away. He tells Majin Buu it'll be the best meal he's ever had and Majin Buu says bye and takes off. Mr. Satan yells for him to work hard, and adds other encouragement, until Majin Buu's gone. Once he's far away, Mr. Satan starts yelling insults and goes back inside. Once there, he pulls out a large amount of dynamite and says that it should be enough to destroy Majin Buu since it's more than enough to shred a tank. He laughs insanely and places it in a pot for when Majin Buu returns. In the town, we see that the crazy guy and his servant are driving around shooting people and getting away with it. The servant begins to worry that Majin Buu might come back and his boss tells him not to worry, since he has a rocket launcher. At Buu's house, Mr. Satan is still cooking the meal when Majin Buu returns. He quickly runs outside and apologizes for still being in the process of making the meal. Majin Buu surprises him by showing him a dog and tells him that it was strange because the dog wouldn't run away from him. Mr. Satan tells him that the dog's leg was hurt, so he couldn't have run away. Buu decides to heal the dog so that it can run away and he can kill it. After he heals the dog, the dog becomes happy and runs in circles around Majin Buu barking. Buu wonders why the dog still isn't running away and Mr. Satan tells him it's because it's grateful for being healed and likes him now. Buu gets confused and runs away from the dog, causing the dog to chase after him. He goes to feed the dog chocolate, but Mr. Satan tells him he needs to feed the dog dog food. Majin Buu tells him he doesn't know what that is, so Mr. Satan volunteers to go buy some. He then drives to go get some, but gets to a certain distance and stops. Laughing, he takes cover behind some debris and pulls out the detonator. When he sees Majin Buu through his binoculars, he sees Majin Buu laughing as he licks the dog and the dog licks him back. He then stops laughing and decides not to detonate the dynamite just yet, since Majin Buu's happy and he's with the dog. When he gets back, he gives the dog food and water and they watch it eat. Mr. Satan tells him that the dog likes eating the food and Majin Buu eats some of it and says it tastes gross. Mr. Satan then turns around and asks Majin Buu if he can ask him a question. He then asks why Majin Buu kills people and destroys things. Majin Buu tells him that he does it for fun, surprising Mr. Satan since that's the only reason. Majin Buu explains that's what Bibidi and Babidi taught him to do for fun. Mr. Satan tells him he shouldn't listen to people like that and cringes in fear and apologizes as Majin Buu walks up close to him. Buu surprises him by asking if he thinks he should stop and Mr. Satan agrees. Majin Buu easily decides that he'll stop killing people and destroying buildings if he wants him to stop, which delights Mr. Satan. A short ways away, the evil guy and his servant are heading to Majin Buu's house, since the evil guy decides it'll be fun to kill him. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan shows Majin Buu how dogs love to play fetch and Majin Buu laughs at how the dog brings the ball back to him. As he decides to throw it one more time, the dog chases after the ball, but suddenly is shot through it's abdomen by the evil guy. The guy then stands up laughing, saying that it's one down and another to go. Surprised, the servant tells his boss that he thinks he sees Mr. Satan with Majin Buu. Meanwhile, Majin Buu is in disbelief at what happened to his dog and Mr. Satan is angry at how the evil guy could possibly have messed up all of his hard work.

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