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Recap: Majin Buu: "I learned a lot from you, but I don't need you any more! I can't stand you!!" Majin Buu's become much more destructive after he killed the magician Babidi. Baba: "You only have thirty minutes left. Prepare to return, Goku." Goku: "Only thirty more minutes, is that all I have left?!" Goku only has a short time left on the Earth. Goku's started training Goten and Trunks with the Fusion Technique in the hope that they'll be able to destroy Majin Buu. Goku: "Watch the angle of your legs! HA!! You have to put your fingers together! Be careful to get it right!" Trunks: "What'll we do? That looks horrible!"

Japanese Episode 248
Bye Everyone!! Goku Goes Back to the Afterlife

As Goku tells Trunks and Goten that the only way they can defeat Majin Buu is by using the Fusion Technique and that they have to form a mirror image of each other in the process, Piccolo notices how much energy turning Super Saiya-jin 3 drained from Goku. When Goku asks Trunks and Goten to try doing the fusion pose, they don't move. Goku asks them what's wrong and Trunks asks him what he means by a mirror image. To show them what he meant, Goku tells them that he and Piccolo will show them. This causes Piccolo to go into disbelief at having to do the poses that Goku just demonstrated. Piccolo then does the poses with Goku, becoming very embarrassed. After Goku tells Trunks and Goten to try, Piccolo tells Goku that he believes Vegeta wouldn't've done the technique with Goku, even if he was alive. When Piccolo goes to explain to Goku why he feels that way, Trunks and Goten tell Goku that they're ready to try. As Goku continually makes them practice, correcting errors in their poses and method, Gyuu Mao tries to get ChiChi to wake up before Goku has to return to the after-life. We are then shown Majin Buu, who lands in some sort of an agricultural village and decides to make his home there. He then gathers all of the living things around him in the air and turns them into clay, exhales air all around him to clear away everything, and molds the clay into a house. When he finishes building the house, he explores around inside of it. Buu then goes outside and decides it'll be boring to wait two days for someone powerful to show up, so he should go destroy more cities. Up at Kami-sama's palace, Trunks stops doing the technique and tells Goku that it's ugly. Goku agrees that it may be, but it's a very powerful technique that he learned from very powerful fighters. Trunks then asks him to show them Super Saiya-jin 3 again, asking him if they can just learn how to transform into that instead to fight Majin Buu. Goku then gets serious, telling them that the only way they can possibly defeat Majin Buu is by mastering the technique. When he tells them to start practicing again, they look down so he decides he can go ahead and show them the transformation, even if it uses up the rest of his time on the Earth. Goku then shows them step by step through the transformation process with Super Saiya-jin, Super Saiya-jin 2, and then Super Saiya-jin 3. After that, he exhaustingly transforms back to normal. When he goes to continue their training, Urunai Baba floats in and tells him that he just used up the rest of the time that he had left on the Earth. Goku then apologizes to Piccolo, telling him that he'll have to finish their training, which should be done by the afternoon of the next day. As everyone says their goodbyes to Goku, ChiChi wakes up and learns from Gyuu Mao that Goku's there. She then rushes down and hugs Goku, asking him what will become of her since he and Gohan are dead. When Goku tells her that she will have Goten, she asks him what will happen if Goten dies. Goku then explains that if Goten and Trunks perfect the Fusion Technique, there's no way they can lose. Everyone then says their final farewells to Goku as he and Baba float up into the sky and vanish. We are then shown that Majin Buu is still destroying cities (and loving it) and Gohan's training with the Zed Sword still progresses.

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