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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 238
The Nightmare Continues! Majin Buu Is Still Alive

After Vegeta blows himself up trying to disintegrate Majin Buu, we are shown Android 18, Chichi, Bulma, Marron, Kame Sen'nin, and Videl sitting in a jet, with Yamcha piloting. Chichi gets confirmation from Videl that Goten and Gohan went to fight Majin Buu, which upsets her. Yamcha tells her not to worry, since Goku is with them. Meanwhile, Bulma is not able to understand why Vegeta killed so many people not to long ago (when he was Majin Vegeta, which she doesn't know). Kame Sen'nin explains that Vegeta was not himself when he did that, and Chichi agrees. Bulma wonders if Vegeta has once again become the person he was when he first came to earth. Yamcha tells her not to worry, since they can wish the people who were killed back to life, using the dragonballs. Bulma yells at him that he's missing the point, causing Yamcha to almost crash the plane. Android 18 tells Marron to stop crying and for Yamcha to fly straight. He realignes the plane and pilots normally until the shockwaves from the massive explosion cause a great amount of turbulence. Android 18 scolds him again, and he tells her that it is not his fault this time. They survive the turbulence, but the engine gives out and they begin to crash. Android 18 has Videl take care of Marron while she flies outside of the plane and carries it to the ground. After being safely put on the ground, Bulma has a premonition that Vegeta has died. Elsewhere, Vegeta's withered corpse falls to the ground (after hovering for some time), shattering into pieces which are blown away with the wind. Piccolo has Kuririn take Trunks and Goten to Kame Sen'nin's house, while he goes to check things out. Before he leaves, he tells Kuririn that Kuririn must tell Goku's family that he isn't sure what has become of Goku and that Gohan is dead (which Vegeta said to him). When Goku arrives at the crater from Vegeta's self destruction, he finds no trace of Vegeta and chunks of Majin Buu all over the place. Piccolo admires Vegeta's fantastic death, realizing that he died the first time that he fought for anyone except for himself. He finds Babidi's upper torso, yelling for Buu's help. He goes to destroy Babidi, but stops when he sees the pieces of Majin Buu come together to reform. He is astounded that Vegeta's death was for nothing, and Majin Buu was able to survive such an attack. Piccolo quickly takes off and catches up with Kuririn. He tells Kuririn that the earth is no longer a safe place, and they must take Goten and Trunks to God's palace, since they are now the earth's only hope. Elsewhere, Babidi yells for Buu to make him normal again. Buu piddles around until Babidi threatens to seal him up again, unless he makes him normal at once. Buu makes Babidi normal again, who tells Buu that they must make Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo pay for causing him pain. He sits on Buu as he flies, telling him that they must create destruction everywhere until they show up again. At the end of the episode, Kaioshin is trying to find Gohan, hoping that he is still alive.

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