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Japanese Episode 200
Seven Years Since That Event! From Now On, I'm a High School Student

The announcer starts off with the episode by saying that it has been several years since Gohan had defeated Cell. He continues by saying that the world has once again returned to a state of peace... though as people get used to peace, the number of fools increase. We are then shown a group of people robbing a bank. Then, the announcer explains that up until now, Gohan had gained an education through self-study and correspondence courses. However, his mother, Chi-Chi, decided that he should go to high school to further his education. Gohan rides Kinto'Un to his first day of high school, which will take place in Satan City. When he spots the edge of the town, he bids farewell to Kinto'Un, telling it to make sure to give him a ride home too. As Gohan looks at a Satan City sign, we hear him explaining to Goku that since Mr. Satan was believed to have killed Cell, the city that he lived in was named after him. Gohan runs to class since he is late. He looks around to make sure no one is watching him and then runs at a very fast speed. He stops when he hears gunshots and sees the bank robbers shooting at the police. He decides to go Super Saiya-jin as a disguise and beats the crap out of some of the bank robbers, as the by standers and police watch in awe. Those that aren't beaten up floor the gas of their car to get away. As they are driving, Gohan launches a wave of invisible energy, which flips the car over multiple times. As the people wonder what just happened, Gohan transforms back to normal and acts like a bystander. A female high school student asks Gohan what had happened, knowing that it couldn't've been the police. Gohan tells her he didn't see, and manages to sneak away. An old man who saw what had happened tells Videl that he was the 'golden-haired warrior' and was wearing the Orange Star High School badge that she is wearing. At the school, she wonders who the golden-haired warrior could be, asking her friend Sharpener if he is him. Then, the teacher of the class walks in and announces that they have a new transfer student. Gohan walks in, saying hi and his name. The teacher tells the class that Gohan is a good student, receiving perfect scores on the physics, chemistry, math, history, English, and Japanese entry exams. Videl wonders why she feels as if she has met him before and the teacher tells Gohan he can have a seat now. As Gohan looks for somewhere to sit, Videl's blond, female friend tells him she can sit next to her. She tells him that her name is Eliza and introduces Videl to him as well. Eliza tells Gohan that Videl's father is Mr. Satan and Videl remembers that she saw Gohan when the bank robbers were caught. Eliza asks her if that was the place that the Golden-Haired warrior was at and explains to Gohan who he is. Gohan realizes that they are talking about him and stares at Videl. She eventually tells Gohan that an eyewitness told her that the Golden-Haired warrior was wearing the exact same clothing that he is wearing. When Gohan goes to explain for himself, the teacher (an English teacher now) tells them to be quiet. Sharpener, Videl's athletic male friend, tells Videl that Gohan doesn't look anything like the fighting type. He goes on to explain the old rule that those who are good at studying are bad at fighting as well as the fact that Gohan's hair is gold. Gohan agrees with the criticism and Videl remembers that there were a bunch of golden-haired fighters at the Cell Games. Eliza asks Gohan where he lives and he tells her that he lives at 439 East, in a small village. She stands up, asking him in disbelief that he lives 1000 km from the school. The teacher yells for her to be quiet and she sits back down. She tells him that even by flying it would take at least 5 hours to get there. Gohan tells her that she's right, the traveling time is terrible. When they are reading about Mr. Satan, Sharpener has the teacher have Gohan read aloud. The teacher has Gohan read and he asks for the page number. Then, he reads about how after having won the 24th Tenka'ichi Budokai, Mr. Satan moved into the city they're currently in, formerly called Orange Star City. Then, a while later, the class is to continue yesterday's baseball game. Gohan is assigned to right field, where he remembers that Bulma and Chi-Chi told him that if anyone found out who he was, there would be trouble. So, he decides he must hold back his power so as not to get noticed. Eventually, Sharpener hits a ball to his location and Gohan decides to hold back as he jumps. He ends up jumping very high into the air to catch the ball and 'lightly' throws the ball to third to get the person off base out. The ball accelerates quickly, knocking the person who caught it backwards. The person off-base is called out and everyone stares at Gohan in disbelief as he runs up to bat. Sharpener decides to pay him back for messing up his home run by throwing the ball directly at Gohan. Gohan decides to not get noticed any more by not hitting the ball. When Sharpener throws the ball, it hit Gohan in the shoulder. He gets confirmation that he gets to walk to first base, and runs there happily, since he'll get noticed less by not hitting the ball. When he goes to leave the school, Sharpener asks him if he wants to join any clubs and he tells him that he can't. Eliza comes out and tells him that he doesn't want to join any clubs since he lives so far away. Sharpener tells him he should move to Satan City and Gohan tells him that he can't. As Gohan leaves, he looks around him cautiously. Videl watches him while hiding, wondering why Gohan isn't going by car or plane to get home, since he lives so far away. She follows him and Gohan notices. As he goes around a corner, Videl follows. When she gets to the corner, he is gone, having flown high above, where she can't see him. He then sighs tiredly and rides Kinto'Un home.

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