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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 193
A New Master... Father, Do Your Best!

Shenlong asks everyone what is taking so long with their wishes. Yamcha tells them that he knows the perfect wish, laughing like a lunatic. They ignore him and Kuririn asks Shenlong if bringing back the Androids is beyond his power. He tells him that it is and Piccolo tells him that he knows that 17 can't be brought back, since he became a part of Cell. Kuririn gets 18 wishes to normal (into a human, I guess) and Shenlong departs. Trunks asks him why he wanted to bring the Androids back and Kuririn tells him that he thinks that they deserved a second chance. Tenshinhan asks him why he wanted 17 wished back, to which Kuririn replies that he thought that 18 would be happy to see her brother again. Yamcha asks him if 17 is the older brother and Piccolo tells them to leave Kuririn alone. 18 jumps out from where she had been hiding. She yells that 17 is her younger brother and that Kuririn makes her angry. Kuririn hangs his head in shame and when she goes to leave, she says goodbye to him. Yamcha tells Kuririn that it seems like 18 wanted to see him again. He then tells Kuririn to stop hiding the fact that he thinks 18 is pretty, since there is nothing to be ashamed of. Yamcha and Gohan laugh and Piccolo tells them that he does not understand what they are talking about. Kuririn tells them that he has always been wishing for a bride and that Goku beat him to it. They are silent for a while and Tenshinhan tells them that he will be going home now and will see Chaozu. He bids them farewell and wishes Trunks luck in ridding his timeframe of his Androids. Trunks thanks him and Tenshinhan takes off. Trunks tells them that he will be returning to his future the next day. Then, Gohan, Trunks, Yamcha, and Kuririn take off and go there seperate ways, bidding farewell to each other. Gohan tells his mother and Gyuu-Mao (Chichi's dad) about what happened to Goku and what Goku told him. The next day, Trunks departs for his timeframe and everyone says goodbye to him. A while later, Gohan is on a walk with Gyuu-Mao. Gohan catches a big fish and a pterodactyl attacks them, trying to get the fish. Gohan hits it and it leaves them alone. At the Capsule House, Chibi Trunks takes his first steps and Bulma and her parents applaud him. Mr. Satan appears once again on television, in his own TV special. He makes a world record by breaking 19 tiles with one hit and everyone cheers for him. In heaven, Kaio-sama tells Goku that there is a place near-by where there are extraordinary fighters. Goku looks around and wonders if he means Bubbles or Kaio-sama. Kaio-sama yells that he means somewhere else, and finds a place where he decides to build his new house. Meanwhile, Trunks heads back to his own time frame, where he intends on ridding it of the Androids and Cell.

*Note: I am not entirely sure what happened in this episode, as I have heard many different things. I'm pretty sure that 17 somehow comes back to life as a result of the wishes, since you see him late in the Buu saga and in DBGT. Planet Namek says that the second wish made was to remove the bombs from 17 and 18, so I guess 17 is brought back with the first wish. My subtitles say different things on this episode than what was really said, so I don't have a very good idea of what went on. I guess when I get the DVD containing this episode, I'll clear things up here.*

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