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Japanese Episode 147
Hurry Your Training Saiya-jin! In the Room of Spirit and Time...

Goku tells Kame Sen'nin that he intends on going beyond Super Saiya-jin, by training for a year in the Room of Spirit and Time. He explains that one year in the Room of Spirit and Time is equal to one day on the Earth. He tells Chi Chi that he wants to bring Gohan with him. She says no, but tells Goku that she knows that she can't really stop him. She tells Goku to train hard and beat the Androids, but Goku must promise to let Gohan study when they win the battle. Goku thanks her and kisses her. Then, he teleports to the capsule jet that Kuririn, Piccolo, Gohan, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha are in. Kuririn is telling everyone that he wishes Goku was there, w hen he turns around and sees Goku standing there. He runs up and hugs Goku, knocking them both through the back of the plane. Later, when they are back on the plane, he calls Piccolo 'Kamicolo-sama'. Piccolo tells him to just call him Piccolo. He merged with Kami-sama, but didn't merge names too. Goku tells Piccolo at his present state, he is not match for the Androids or Cell. He tells him he and Gohan are going to train in the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo tells him no one has ever lasted for a year in there. Even he (Piccolo) was only able to last a month the last time he trained in there. Goku tells him that he believes he, Gohan, and Vegeta should be able to handle it. Piccolo tells Goku to go now, because Cell is constantly killing and growing stronger. Goku takes Gohan's hand and goes to teleport there, when Kuririn asks Goku if he is scared or happy since a power far greater than Freeza's has shown up. Goku replies, "Both," and teleports to where Trunks and Vegeta are. He learns from Trunks that Vegeta has been standing at the top of a cliff staring, without eating or drinking, for the last three days. Goku teleports behind Vegeta and tells him about the Room of Spirit and Time. Vegeta tells him that he'll train there with Trunks, but only if he gets to go in first. Elsewhere, the Androids have found Goku's house with no one in it. Android 17 asks 16 where else Goku could be. Android 16 tells him Kame Sen'nin's island is the closest place, being 2700 km southeast of there. Later on, Piccolo, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha arrive at a place where Cell has very recently attacked. They are not able to find Cell, even though Cell is watching them from above, with his power pushed down. At Kami-sama's palace, Mr. Popo leads Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks to the Room of Spirit and Time. Vegeta wonders why Goku is helping him to train, when his ultimate goal is to destroy Goku. Goku tells him that for once, they have encoutered an enemy that Goku can't handle by himself, so he needs Vegeta's help. Mr. Popo opens the door to the room and Trunks and Vegeta head in. Trunks sees that no one was able to stand being in the room for a long time before because it's a vast whiteness, the gravity's heavier, and the air is harder to breathe. He gets freaked out that he'll have to spend a whole year in there with only his father. A day later, Tenshinhan and the others have arrived at Kame Sen'nin's, and are asleep. Piccolo is watching TV, cursing at Cell, when the Androids arrive and demand to know where Goku is. Piccolo tells them that they will not tell them and 17 tells him that he'll have to make him talk. Piccolo points out an island close by, where they can fight at, and 17 consents. Piccolo and the Androids land on the island. 17 prepares to fight, 16 stands there, and 18 sits down. Piccolo takes off his battle armor and prepares to fight, telling 17 that he will not be so easy to defeat this time.

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