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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 146
Goku Wakes to Battle! Trancend the Super Saiya-jin!!

When this episode starts, Cell has already finished absorbing yet another city of people. He is currently absorbing people in an airport. He spots a girl and her young brother and chases them. Kuririn saves them and has them run away, while he holds off Cell. They start up a plane and Kuririn uses the taiyoken technique to temporarily blind Cell. He holds on to the plane as it is flying away. When he looks around for Cell, he doesn't see him. Then, Cell breaks into the cockpit of the plane and Kuririn rams himself into Cell. They both land on the plane's wing and Cell punches Kuririn through the plane and almost through the other wall, just enough so that Kuririn's head is sticking out. Cell goes to absorb Kuririn, but Tenshinhan and Piccolo come to the rescue. Cell grabs onto Kuririn's face, then lets go and shakes his index finger at Kuririn smiling. After that, Cell takes off and flies away. Tenshinhan and Piccolo land next to Kuririn, unable to detect Cell's ki again. Kuririn thanks them for saving his life. Trunks reflects on how his coming to the past has changed things so much as he is flying to see Vegeta. At Kame Sen'nin's Kuririn, Gohan, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan get into a capsule jet and take off to the south, which is where Cell is now attacking. Meanwhile, the androids are driving in the woods, close to Goku's house. 17 likes that way because it is fun. 18 doesn't like the bumpy ride, so she fires a blast in front of them, clearing the way. At the Kame House, there are several explosions outside of Kame Sen'nin's island. Chichi runs to Goku's room, thinking the androids are attacking, where she doesn't find Goku. She and Kame Sen'nin look outside of the window and see Goku standing on the shore, discovering that he was the one firing the blasts into the ocean. Chichi rushes over to him and he swings her around happily. He tells Kame Sen'nin that he heard him in his dreams, and knows something terrible has happened. Then, he decides since Vegeta has lost, then so will he unless he improves himself and goes beyond Super Saiya-jin.

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