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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 145
The Secret of Cell's Birth! What Lies Below the Laboratory!?

Piccolo, Kuririn, Trunks, Tenshinhan, and Vegeta discuss Cell. Vegeta tells them he wants Cell to go ahead and absorb the androids, because it will mean less enemies to deal with. Piccolo tells him not to underestimate Cell. This causes Vegeta to get angry, and he tells everyone they can do whatever they want and he is going to go beyond the power of a Super Saiya-jin. Vegeta takes off and Kurirn asks Trunks if it would be useless for him to go back to the past and destroy the androids. Trunks tells him it may help that time frame, but it wouldn't help the one they are in. Kuririn asks him if it would be useless to destroy Cell in the current timeline at Dr. Gero's lab. Trunks tells him it wouldn't be useless because if they did, Cell wouldn't be born in this time frame. Kuririn and Trunks head off to destroy Dr. Gero's laboratory basement, while Tenshinhan and Piccolo head off to find Cell. Trunks wonders why he didn't think of trying to go beyond Super Saiya-jin before and Kuririn tells him it just might be possible with how great of fighters Vegeta and Goku are. Meanwhile, Gohan trains himself on Kame Sen'nin's island, while Kame Sen'nin and the turtle watch. When Chichi starts to come out, he uses a capsule that contains a desk with his books on it and his studying attire. Trunks and Kurirn arrive at the ruins of Dr. Gero's laboratory. They shoot around the ground until Trunks spots an entrance to the basement. Inside, they see Cell in a very small, larva stage, being created by a massive computer. Kuririn tells Trunks that they should start destroying everything now, but Trunks tells him to wait. He finds Android 17's designing plans and sees the rest is useless. He holds onto 17's design and he and Kuririn destroy the basement. Then, they fly out and Kuririn delivers the finishing blast. He and Trunks then head to Bulma's house to deliver the plans. Trunks tells Kuririn that he [Kuririn] should deliver the design while he goes to train with Vegeta. Kuririn tells Trunks that Vegeta probably won't train with him. Trunks tells him that he knows training with two people is much more efficient than training on one's own, and Vegeta probably knows this too. Meanwhile, Tenshinhan feels some ki in a city and he and Piccolo go there. When they land, they are unable to find Cell, only finding the clothes of the absorbed. Meanwhile, Gohan continues to train, Goku continues to get better, and the androids draw closer to Goku's house.

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