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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 137
Piccolo's Resolution!! The Final Measure He Had Held in Reserve

After the Androids leave, Kuririn jumps down to his friends and gives the unconscious ones senszus. After Kuririn has relayed what happened between him and the Androids, Piccolo is astonished that the Androids know about the senszus. Tenshinhan is angry that they Androids didn't think much of them, considering they wanted them to get stronger so that they could fight them again sometime. Piccolo isn't surprised because the Androids are so powerful. Vegeta takes off angrily and Trunks goes to follow him, but Piccolo yells for him to stop. He tells Trunks that Vegeta needs some time alone, since he was beaten by a woman, even though she is an Android. Kuririn apologizes that he didn't help, but Piccolo tells him it's alright since he wouldn't've made a difference anyway. Tenshinhan is worried that Goku won't be able to make much of a difference, considering both Trunks and Vegeta are super saiyajins but were beaten so easily. Trunks tells everyone that these Androids are actually stronger than the ones from his time, since he was able to handle the ones in his time but these are so incredibly powerful. Piccolo tells Tenshinhan to move Goku from his house, since that is where the Androids are most likely to look first. Kuririn knows Piccolo has a plan and asks for him to tell them since they are all friends. Piccolo gets angry that they consider him a friend and attacks them, asking them since when have they been friends. Then he takes off and leaves. Tenshinhan is angry that Piccolo still wants to take over the world, but Kuririn explains that that is not his real intention. He tells them that Piccolo's intention is the same as Vegeta's and Goku's: to be the most powerful. Kuririn also has noticed the direction that Piccolo went, and realizes Piccolo's plan must be to reunite with Kami-Sama to become a super namek sei-jin. Unfortunately, this will mean that the Dragonballs will vanish but it won't make any difference, since, if they don't reunite, they will most likely be killed anyway. Kuririn reveals to Trunks that everyone knows who he really is now, except for Vegeta. Back at the Kame House, Marron and Kame Sen'nin are watching a soap opera, crying, when all of Marron's boyfriends show up. She leaves with them and Kame Sen'nin tells Umigame (the sea turtle) not to tell Kuririn that she has been there. Gohan finally gets Yajirobei, Bulma, and Chibi Trunks to Bulma's house and leaves shortly to go see his dad. Kami-Sama reminesces about when he wanted to become god but he was told he still had evil in him. So, he got rid of his evil, which took form as Piccolo Daimao, in order to become god. Unfortunately, Piccolo Daimao caused chaos on the earth, so Goku eventually killed him. Right before Piccolo Daimao died, he spat out an egg, which later becamse Piccolo Jr., who is the Piccolo they now know. Piccolo then shows up at Kami-Sama's palace.

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