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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 134
Too Late To Do Anything!? The Ultimate Weapon to Kill Goku

Android 18 sees another Android still sealed up and goes to open it. Dr. Gero yells at her that activating the Android may cause everyone to be killed. When she begins to open the tank, Dr. Gero grabs her arm and she hits him away. After Dr. Gero yells at her some more, Android 17 shoves his hand through Dr. Gero's chest and then follows up by kicking his head off, which rolls up to Vegeta and the others. Dr. Gero's head scolds Androids 17 and 18 and Android 17 smashes it with his foot. Then, Android 17 motions to Kuririn to come to him. Tenshinhan tells Kuririn to go ahead because they will all end up the same way. Kuririn walks forth but Android 17 turns around and goes to Android 18. Trunks yells out that he refuses for another Android to be brought into existance, and fires a blast at Android 16's tank. Unfortunately, Androids 17 and 18 and Android 16, in his tank, still remain unscathed. Android 18 opens up the tank and kicks off the lid. Android 16 awakens and gets out and Android 17 is finally able to get Android 16 to talk when he asks him if he was created with the purpose of killing Goku too. All three Androids take off and fly away, angering Vegeta that he was simply ignored. Vegeta goes Super Saiyajin and starts to take off after them but Trunks stops him. Vegeta slugs Trunks in the stomach and gives chase anyway. Meanwhile, Yajirobei cleans off his scarf in a stream (because it was used to clean Chibi Trunks) and Yamcha gives Goku some more heart disease medicine, suggesting to Chichi that they both take it too (since the heart disease is viral). Android 17 lands and Androids 16 and 18 follow. Android 17 tells them that going straight to Goku isn't very fun, and that they should steal the next car that comes by to drive there. Then, they learn from Android 16 that he is a pure Android, and is not derived from a human (whereas Androids 17 and 18 are). Vegeta then lands in front of them and challenges them to a fight, confident that he will be able to beat all three of them. Android 18 volunteers to battle Vegeta.

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