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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 129
The Might of Vegeta!! The Blood of a Super Saiyajin Awakens

Air Date: February 26, 1992

Kuririn tells Gohan that it can't be Goku's heart disease, since the person from the future (Trunks) gave it to him already. Then, Kuririn throws Goku a senszu, but it doesn't work. Gohan reveals that Goku never took the medicine, since no symptoms had ever shown for it. Android 19 hits Goku to the ground and jumps on him, taking his energy by placing his hand around Goku's neck. The others realize Goku will die if this keeps up, and they rush to help him. Android 20 stops them and Piccolo attacks Android 20, resulting in getting shot in the chest and falling to the ground. Then, Vegeta kicks Android 19 off of Goku, and kicks Goku to Piccolo. Yamcha volunteers to bring Goku back to his house, and Piccolo tells Yamcha the heart disease is viral, so he [Yamcha] will have to take some of the medicine too. Bulma has Yajirobei come with her and Trunks in the Capsule Jet to see the Androids. Vegeta turns Super Saiyajin, suprising everyone. He tells them his heart was pure, it was just pure evil. Then, he goes on to explain that no matter how much he trained, he could not achieve the level of strength that Goku held. Then, his anger at himself enabled him to achieve becoming a Super Saiyajin. Android 19 asks Android 20 if he can drain Vegeta's energy and Android 20 lets him, as long as he can have Piccolo, Kuririn, Gohan, and Tenshinhan's energy. Android 19 agrees with this and charges Vegeta.

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