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DBZ Episode Summaries

Japanese Episode 128
Goku's Double Shock!! Caught Between Illness and Adversary

Air Date: February 19, 1992

Super Saiyajin Goku and Android 19 fight and it looks as if Goku has the upper hand. Meanwhile, Marron shows up at Kame Sen'nin's, looking for Kuririn. Chaozu, Kame Sen'nin, and Oolong tell her Kuririn is off fighting the Androids. Kame Sen'nin then explains about how the Red Ribbon Army was trying to collect the Dragonballs for an evil purpose, and how Goku defeated them. As Goku continues to fight Android 19, Picolo notices it's taking Goku too long and he should have much more power than this. Yamcha and Gohan tell Piccolo that the Androids can take your energy and maybe that could be the reason. Goku fires a blast at Android 19, who absorbs it happily. Then, Android 19 begins to win against Goku and Gohan realizes that Goku's heart disease is affecting him.

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